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Today, the President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and Minister of National Defense, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers, according to a statement by the Presidency of the Republic.

The Presidency of the Republic said in a statement: Today, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, chaired a Council of Ministers meeting, which dealt with the draft corrective finance law for the year 2023 and presentations related to school admission, university admission, and monitoring the extent of the availability of consumable materials. broad scope in the national market, in addition to important decisions related to citizen concerns.
After opening the session by the President of the Republic and listening to the Prime Minister’s presentation on the outcome of government activity during the past period, the Council began discussing the various items on its agenda, regarding which the President gave the following instructions and directives:
• Corrective Finance Bill for the year 2023:
– Correcting some imbalances in line with and in response to the decisions taken to further improve citizens’ purchasing power and strengthen the internal front.
The President directed the Minister of Finance to increase the mobilization of financial resources and harness the financial capabilities to accelerate the digitization of the Ministry’s structures and its affiliated institutions.
• Regarding school admission:
Mr. President instructed the Ministers of Interior and Education to take all measures to make school entry a success, and to mobilize all capabilities within the framework of tight and precise coordination between the two sectors to remove obstacles and solve problems according to the development of the Algerian school’s needs.
Exempting poor and weak municipalities from the burdens and costs of providing primary schools, provided that the state bears this responsibility fully, in order to preserve the democratization of education.
Mr. President renewed his keenness to give great and exceptional importance to school cafeterias in remote areas, because of their essential role in providing a sound climate to ensure optimal learning.
– Holding governors, starting next season, responsible for fully and directly supervising school attendance in their states.
– Expediting the establishment of a national office for school restaurants that will be exclusively responsible for the process.
Mr. President affirmed the state’s permanent support for low-income families, and directed his orders to create a solidarity fund supervised by the National Solidarity Sector, which will exclusively undertake the school solidarity process, especially the school scholarship, to which the state attaches special importance, as it is one of the pillars of the organized social character of the state.
– Pay the school grant at least one month before the school entry date, starting next year.
The President ordered the preparation of a forward-looking vision that includes profound reforms to accommodate and improve student training, and to present it in an upcoming Council of Ministers.
• Regarding university admission:
Mr. President praised the important role of higher education frameworks in transforming their sector into a locomotive for scientific research and a model in the use of digitization, achieving university entrance for the first time without paper, as well as effective contribution to the national effort to support the country’s economy.
– Establishing a higher national school for cybersecurity, in coordination with the Ministry of National Defense, to ensure unified efforts and double effectiveness in this sensitive field, in order to fortify national national security.
– Preparing a comprehensive and integrated study on the feasibility of a flexible return to the “Classical Bachelor’s” system, as compensation for the “LMD” system.
Preparing a new map for the distribution of the university system within the vision of “university cities” that preserves the philosophy of solidarity and the national dimension in the formation of Algerian university frameworks.
Mr. President instructed the Ministers of Higher Education and Emerging Institutions to prepare a list of the best institutions to send to China, South Korea, and the United States of America to learn about the experiences of these countries in various fields.
• Regarding monitoring the availability of widely consumed materials in the national market:
The President directed the Minister of Agriculture to initiate strict deterrent measures to disinfect the sector.
The government continues to subsidize prices for a number of essential imported basic materials, and prevents any import of legumes outside the National Grains Professional Office, with precise definition of the product price stages.
Allowing the exclusive import of fresh red and white meat to meet the national needs for this substance and contribute to reducing its prices.
– Encouraging private investment in the field of cold rooms to maintain market balance throughout the year.
He ordered the government to bear the responsibility of purchasing farmers’ products to protect them from spoilage, within the framework of establishing a national office for agricultural products, and storing them in cold rooms.
– Preserving the strategic national stock of agricultural and food products.
– Preparing a clear communication policy to inform citizens and inform them periodically and continuously about the abundance of various basic materials of widespread consumption, to prevent the use of the terms scarcity and speculation, which aim to create confusion in the national market, while allowing the entry of international brands.
– Involving the governors in their capacity as those responsible for the economic sector to distinguish between inventory within the production chain and storage for the purpose of speculation.
– Determining the daily consumption of consumables by creating laboratories that provide accurate, factual statistics that are updated periodically.
• General directions:
– Assigning the government to release the basic laws for professors of national education, university professors, and professional categories in the health sector before the end of the current year.
– Intensifying efforts to take optimal care of citizens’ daily concerns, and making them a cornerstone for all officials in all sectors.
In conclusion, the Council of Ministers approved decrees that include appointments and termination of assignments in senior positions in the state.

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