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Today, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers, which dealt with a draft law to organize and develop physical and sports activities, and presentations related to the role of the Algeria Post Corporation in supporting the generalization of financial services and electronic payment, the strategy for the use of water from water purification plants In agricultural irrigation and industry, in addition to preparations for the 2024 Olympic Games.

After the President opened the meeting, listened to the agenda, and the Prime Minister presented the government’s activity during the past two weeks, the President gave the following instructions, orders, and directives:

The Council of Ministers approved a project to organize physical and sports activities aimed at developing and better guiding various sports at the national, regional and international levels.

Regarding preparations for the 2024 Olympic Games

The President ordered the Minister of Youth and Sports to provide all conditions and harness all the necessary capabilities for our athletes participating in this global event to assume a position worthy of the image and reputation of Algeria.

Regarding the creation of annexes to medical colleges, the president stressed that providing the necessary supervision is necessary for the advancement of higher education and scientific research.

He ordered that enrollment in the medical colleges’ extensions be according to the same controls and conditions adopted in the central colleges.

The aim of this procedure is to facilitate the entry of students of scientific disciplines, reduce pressure on central colleges on the one hand, and improve the quality of training on the other hand.

Popularization of financial services and electronic payment

Regarding the role of the Algeria Post Corporation in supporting the generalization of financial services and electronic payment

The President of the Republic gave his directives to improve the level of services and work to overcome all technical problems related to Internet streaming.

Expanding the use of optical fibers by the end of 2024.

The President stressed the need to give importance to the issue of information security, and to deal with it as a matter of national sovereignty, preserved by Algerians from national competencies and energies, to keep pace with the transformation taking place in this field.

Setting 40 percent of water recovered as a short-term goal

Concerning the strategy of using water from water purification plants in agricultural irrigation and industry

The President ordered the preparation of a precise and clear scheme that takes into account the following evidentiary indicators:

Accurate determination of the percentage of recovered water according to filtration processes, and identification of national needs.

A technical census of all the idle filtration stations that are in service in every municipality and state, with the aim of determining production capacities.

Recording the needs for the development of mechanization for this sector, within the government’s program, giving priority to the states where wastewater is not treated, to be used directly in the agricultural field instead of resorting to groundwater, which is classified in the strategic reserve.

Setting 40 percent of the recovered water as a target in the short term, to be used in agricultural irrigation and in the industrial sector.

Facilitate the return of Algerian competencies and cadres

After listening to a presentation by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad on the status of our community, the President affirmed that the state gives the utmost importance to always listening to the concerns of our community and taking care of them through diplomatic channels within the framework of the President’s commitment to work to improve the conditions of the Algerian community in various cultural and social fields and to facilitate the return of competencies. And the Algerian cadres, especially with the availability of conditions for starting a promising economic development that benefits the Algerian people, appreciating in this regard the performance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to maintain bridges of communication and strengthen the connection of our community with the homeland.

For the Council of Ministers to conclude its meeting by approving decrees that include terminating assignments in senior positions and positions in the state.

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