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Today, Sunday, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and Minister of National Defense, chaired a Cabinet meeting.

Today, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, President of the Republic, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Minister of National Defense, chaired a Council of Ministers meeting, which discussed a draft law related to combating counterfeiting and the use of counterfeits, and presentations including: supplying and distributing materials of widespread consumption, and evaluating school and university entrances.

After opening the meeting by Mr. President, and giving him the floor to present the agenda and the government’s activity in the last two weeks, Mr. Prime Minister presented the content of the government’s general policy statement to the Council of Ministers, after which Mr. President of the Republic gave the following directives and orders:

Regarding the government’s general policy statement:

The Council of Ministers agreed to present the government’s general policy statement, with Mr. President affirming, by the way, that the state will continue the general rehabilitation and recovery from the effects of the previous stage, whose results were disastrous and whose consequences were very dangerous for the country.

Regarding the work of the religious corps:

Opening the imamate file and classifying imams and mosques, in order to further organize the sector.

The President, based on his commitments, ordered the preparation of the basic law for imams, which will include a review of their wages.

The President ordered the Minister of the Interior, in coordination with the governors, to allocate job housing for imams in all major mosques in the states, or through new residential complexes, taking into account the nature of the transfers in their profession.

Regarding the university entrance assessment 2023/2024:

The President ordered raising the scholarship for university students from 1,300 dinars per month to 2,000 dinars per month, provided that the President’s decision enters into force starting this October, pending the preparation of a comprehensive new vision for the university services system in Algeria.

The President of the Republic appreciated the qualitative leap in the higher education sector, especially with regard to its contribution to enhancing national production.

Mr. President instructed the Minister of the Sector to thank the entire family of higher education and scientific research, directing him to link Algerian universities with their counterparts abroad through twinning, with the aim of developing efforts and perceptions in the field of research and higher education.

Regarding the school entrance assessment 2023-2024

The President of the Republic directed the government to complete the preparation of schools, whether renovated or new educational facilities, in coordination with the governors of the Republic, within a period of two weeks at the latest.

– Identifying all the concerns of the students’ parents regarding their children’s schooling, no matter how simple the concerns are, and providing the necessary solutions immediately.

Regarding the Minister of Agriculture’s presentation on the supply of widely consumed materials:

The President of the Republic ordered that several measures be taken to benefit farmers affected by drought, including:

Postponing the payment of royalties due on lands granted in the form of concessions.

Postponing the payment of agricultural loans for a period of three years, with the state guaranteeing the interest rate.

Compensating farmers for the damaged grain production and supporting them with seeds and fertilizers for free.

Regulating import operations aims to encourage and protect the national product and not to create scarcity at the expense of citizens, because there is no austerity with the Algerians’ livelihood.

– Accelerating the completion of grain storage silos, to reach a capacity estimated at nine million tons.

Regarding the Minister of Commerce’s presentation on the supply of widely consumed items:

Mr. President stressed the need to strictly ensure the implementation of the state’s plan to regulate the import and provision of various commodities to prevent the interpretation of the state’s decisions, with the aim of creating and feeding rumors about scarcity, while the state is able to comfortably guarantee economic and social stability in light of the competition law.

The state’s support for various widely consumed items will remain guaranteed regardless of the prices in international markets, and it always stands on the lookout for all attempts aimed at cutting off the livelihood of Algerians.

Following the approval of a draft law related to combating counterfeiting and the use of counterfeits, and decrees in the foreign and energy sectors, Mr. President issued general orders and directives as follows:

The President of the Republic ordered a census, follow-up and evaluation of all decisions taken in the Councils of Ministers, and an inventory of those that were not implemented.

Setting a maximum deadline of one month for committees to monitor the implementation of these decisions, provided that urgent ones are a top priority.

He ordered the Ministers of Interior, Public Works and Transport to prepare a national plan, especially in remote municipalities and the recently created states, to take care of the state of roads and urban development.

The Minister of Tourism ordered the encouragement of Hama tourism throughout the country, with a medical recommendation from specialists.

Before the conclusion of the Council of Ministers meeting, the President of the Republic appointed Mrs. Meriam Ben Mouloud as High Governor for Digitization with the rank of Minister, entrusting her with preparing a road paper to regulate the field of digitization in Algeria.

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