Outcome of civil protection interventions during the Prophet’s Birthday celebrations


Civil protection services recorded several interventions to extinguish fires and prevent their spread due to firecrackers and fireworks

The Civil Protection Services reported, on Thursday, that their units recorded several interventions on Wednesday night, which coincided with the celebration of the Prophet’s Birthday, to put out fires and prevent their spread, caused by crackers and fireworks.

The same services explained, in a statement on their official Facebook page, that on the eve of the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday, the civil protection units carried out several interventions in order to extinguish several grass and tree fires, all at the level of the Algerian state and across several municipalities, while confirming that no human casualties were recorded. .

The source indicated that the civil protection units carried out 10 interventions at the level of the state of Algiers in order to extinguish 10 different fires at the level of several municipalities in Algiers due to the use of firecrackers and fireworks.

At the municipal level of Bouzareah, a grass fire was extinguished in Sidi Youssoufou, a grass fire was extinguished in the “Kanab” neighborhood in Chevalley, and an olive tree fire was extinguished in the 373-residence neighborhood, and in the municipality of Makariya, a car fire was extinguished at the level of the Sila neighborhood in Makariya due to throwing fireworks.

As for the municipality of Draria, a grass fire near Al-Rish High School was extinguished, and in the municipality of Al-Calitos, a palm fire was extinguished near Ramadan High School in Al-Calitos, while at the level of the municipality of Sidi Moussa, a fire in Aleppo pine trees in the center of the city of Sidi Moussa was extinguished.

In the municipality of Al-Qubba, a dry grass fire was extinguished at the level of the Qaridi 2 circulation axis, and finally in the municipality of Oued Quraish, two dry grass fires were extinguished at the level of the Free Fallon Road towards Al-Abiar.

For reference, the civil protection services had previously warned, with the commemoration of the Prophet’s birthday approaching, against the use of firecrackers and various types of explosives, due to the material and human damage they cause to people and their property.

The health services also warned of the danger of firecrackers in light of the cases received by the emergency services, as they are generally suitable for births, as well as the injuries and burns that children are exposed to, primarily at the hand and eye levels, not to mention the panic and fear they cause through random throwing of them around homes, and some people still use them. Dangerous substances and mixing them with other substances are the greatest threat to the health of children, which requires the intervention of wise people and parents in particular, to stop them before any explosion that would cause their children to be disabled or seriously injured, due to temporary joy that will result in permanent disability.

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