Orders to study the project to connect electricity networks between the north and south of the country – New Algeria


R commandPresident of the RepublicAbdel Majeed Tebboune, to deepen the study of the project to connect electricity networks between the north and south of the country, taking into account that the completion is phased and according to priorities.

The possibility of strengthening and connecting the electricity network in Bechar, Adrar, Ouargla and Ain Salah was also studied, pending its connection to the north, in view of the increasing needs of our southern regions for electricity, especially in the summer, in addition to the expansion of Economic activities In our great south.

The President of the Republic directed the Minister of Energy to adopt the technique of laying power lines underground, instead of poles, especially in cities, to enhance safety from natural influences and avoid losses.

The President of the Republic also ordered that this project include a plan for supplying railway lines with electricity, which is planned to be implemented through various projects in our great south, as well as agricultural investments.

A draft law related to:Protection of persons People with special needs and their promotion, followed by the presentation of the progress report on the progress of the digitization process, in addition to the content of a joint presentation on the measures taken to modernize electronic and mobile payment systems.

The President of the Republic ordered the removal of administrative obstacles that prevent… employment The youth category in the structures and facilities affiliated with the youth and sports sectors in the southern states, according to the available capabilities and credits.

Mr. President directed the government to initiate national connections to dams, especially the largest ones, according to a time-bound plan.

Mr. President renewed his directives to members of the government to strictly follow up on citizens’ concerns with constant communication.

The President of the Republic ordered officials to inform and inform citizens in advance via local radio, whenever necessary, in everything related to maintenance or settling any technical fluctuation to provide the population with different energies.

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