Oran… dismantling a criminal network of “harga” from Morocco – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia


The National Gendarmerie in Oran managed to dismantle an international criminal network specialized in organizing and managing secret sailing trips for the second time in a row, from Morocco to Spain, passing through Algeria.

The National Gendarmerie stated, in a statement, today, Thursday, that after intensifying investigations and thanks to tracking and monitoring gang members after obtaining information indicating the existence of a criminal group in the process of preparing to leave the national territory illegally by sea and thanks to tight coordination between the units of the group, an international criminal activity was put to an end. Depends on the transportation of illegal immigrants.

After monitoring the movements of the network members using special means, a court plan was adopted that led to the arrest of 32 people, 28 of Moroccan nationality and 4 Algerians, and the seizure of a motorized boat and 4 tourist cars.

In addition to an amount of money in the national currency estimated at 520 million centimes, sums of money in foreign currency estimated at 1,640 euros, 510 Moroccan dirhams and 75 Turkish liras, passports and mobile phones, the statement adds.

The source pointed out that the investigations revealed that these criminal networks are organizing migration operations from outside the national territory by smuggling and bringing people of immigration to Algeria and gathering them in special places until preparation, planning and preparation for their smuggling across the sea.

The suspects will be brought before the competent judicial authorities for the crime of international human smuggling and the crime of money laundering

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