Opening of the eleventh edition of the International Salon for the Petroleum and Gas Industry in North Africa. – Algerian dialogue


The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Energy and Mines supervised the opening of the eleventh edition of the International Exhibition for the Petroleum and Gas Industry in North Africa “NAPAC 2023”.

Representing the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Abdelkarim Ouissi, supervised at the Mohamed Ben Ahmed Convention Center, in the state of Oran, the opening of the works of the eleventh edition of the International Salon for the Petroleum and Gas Industry in North Africa “NAPAC 2023”.
This edition, under the title “Promoting the Gradual Energy Transformation through Innovation,” witnessed the presence of the Governor of Oran, the President and Director General of Sonatrach, the heads of the hydrocarbon sector control agencies (ARH, CREG, ALNAFT), executives from the Ministry and the sector, in addition to Your Excellencies, the present ambassadors and CEOs of energy sector companies.

This demonstration constituted a time to discuss the gradual energy transition and the future of fossil energies in the global energy context. Which brings together workers in the oil and gas sector and suppliers of products and services related to the energy sector.
In his opening speech, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Energy and Mines indicated that this meeting will allow the various actors to enhance dialogue on the issue of energy sources and patterns, discuss and study opportunities for cooperation, partnership and investment, as well as discuss the challenges in order to achieve a smooth energy transition that meets the needs of citizens and the needs of the national economy by providing Clean, sustainable and safe energy sources, as well as enhancing our capabilities.

As for the new structural transformations in the global energy scene, the Secretary-General stressed that they have greatly affected energy markets and flows, such that intra-investment in the field of the petroleum and gas industry has declined, which will inevitably affect the security of the growing global energy demand and the achievement of a balance between supply and demand.
He also stressed that Algeria is resolutely seeking to achieve a gradual energy transition by adopting a more diversified energy mix that takes into account all available, less expensive and cleaner energies. He also indicated that Algeria is continuing its efforts in research and exploration activities, expanding its reserve base and increasing its production capabilities, while improving The percentage of recovery of its fuel reserves and the improvement and development of the petrochemical and transportation industries, all within the framework of strengthening its position as a credible and reliable supplier in the international market, as Algeria has included within the framework of investment in the hydrocarbons sector through Sonatrach large investments worth 42 billion dollars during the period 2023/2027, including more Of the $14 billion allocated to gas projects.

By the way, the Secretary-General said that Algeria has launched an important program to develop renewable energies, especially solar energy, aiming to achieve a total capacity of. 15 thousand megawatts in the horizons of 2035, of which 2000 megawatts will be completed soon by Sonelgaz. Algeria is also working to reduce the increasing demand for energy, rationalize consumption, and work to develop the hydrogen sector, out of respect for its climate commitments and in line with its energy transition program.

In the field of environmental preservation, the Secretary-General indicated that Algeria has fully engaged in the international dynamic to combat climate change and reduce the carbon footprint, similar to Sonatrach’s programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the total volume of gas burned to less than 1% by 2030, and its joining To initiatives such as the initiative to eliminate routine gas flaring by 2030, in addition to its investment in the field of natural carbon storage worth $1 billion in a reforestation project that includes a total area of ​​420 million trees over a period of ten years.

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