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Today, Wednesday, at the Exhibition Palace, the Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Tayeb Zitouni, supervised the opening of the International Dates Salon, organized by the National Chamber of Agriculture in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, under the slogan: “Our dates… authenticity and a sustainable economy.”

Zitouni said that Algeria has about 20 million palm trees, including 16 million palm trees that produce dates, producing 1.5 million different types of dates. There are about 275 types of dates known and traded inside and outside Algeria, but the division needs more organization to increase Algeria’s exports of dates. This is an important product.

The Minister of Commerce explained that these international appointments would give the dates division its due rights and open wide doors for export. Here, Zitouni thanked all those in charge of this salon, for promoting Algerian dates known for their high quality and diversity.

The Minister regretted that sufficient quantities of dates are not currently being exported despite the abundant production. He stated that in the best case scenario, Algeria’s exports of dates in 2021 reached $75 million, indicating that the first countries exporting dates in the world are not producers of them.

Zitouni stressed that the meeting of all the actors in the division in this salon makes it possible to “put our fingers on the areas of disease in order to treat them,” because Algerian dates no longer need to prove their quality as much as they need frameworks that enable the division to be organized and to accompany farmers to export their products. , which costs them high prices with the presence of speculators, who exploit its abundance in the Algerian market.

The Minister of Commerce stressed the need to intensify efforts between the Ministries of Commerce and Agriculture and the National Chamber of Agriculture in order to know the frameworks and mechanisms that would enable the organization of the division, increase Algeria’s exports from it, and prevent the smuggling of Algerian registered trademarks.

Zitouni called on farmers to engage in this endeavor, with the availability of real data about date production points, in order to make them an economic source to diversify Algeria’s exports outside of hydrocarbons, in implementation of the instructions of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, adding that the dates division is among the most promising divisions that help achieve incomes. Important.

With regard to manufacturing, the Minister called for moving towards contractual agreements with farmers in order to promote and develop the date manufacturing industries locally, by creating a value chain that passes through production, harvesting, transformation and export, to double the revenues of the Algerian economy from this important sector.

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