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The Ministry of National Education announced the launch of a digital platform, starting from (05 to 10 September) for contractual employment in all phases, whereby candidates who meet the conditions can register themselves electronically, with the aim of benefiting from “temporary employment”, in the next school entry 2023. /2024.

Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of National Education launched the digital platform for the recruitment of contract teachers in the three educational stages, and the door for candidacy was opened for them by registering themselves electronically, provided that they are selected and arranged in a differential order, according to experience and seniority of the certificate, in order to achieve the principle of equal opportunities for all. .

The process requires those concerned to take care to write down a set of information and answer some questions, correctly, between name and surname, date, state and municipality of birth, municipality of residence and personal address, in addition to recording the phone number, birth certificate number and type of birth contract, as well as declaring the Status towards national service by writing down the “document reference” and “issue date” for male candidates.

She also pointed out that those concerned will need, upon initiating the digital registration process, to rely on a set of documents, and it is related to a bachelor’s degree for the primary and intermediate levels and a master’s degree for joining the rank of professor in secondary education, in addition to a birth certificate, a national identification card, and an account must be available. e-mail.

The process will continue until September 5.

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