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The head of the Democratic Youth Front for Citizenship, Dr. Ahmed Gouraya, said that November remains the month of miracles and the beginning of victories, a month in which the Algerian people rose up against the French enemy who usurped their homeland and colonized their land. A blessed month in which the great uprising broke out against the arrogant French enemy occupation one November of 1954. Immortal.

The statement of the Democratic Youth Front for Citizenship stated, “As we celebrate the 69th anniversary of the outbreak of the blessed liberation revolution, we stop history to tell us about those heroics and epics that tell the suffering of the Algerian people who lived under the holocaust of destroyed France. When the bullets rang out, their echoes echoed throughout the destroyed nation, signaling a coming victory day in the midst of The rubble and body parts of defenseless innocents, betrayed by the hands of the dirty French generals who exterminated everything and not even animals were spared from their brutality. The destroyer France added, the same source used all means of destruction and internationally banned weapons that were tested on the Algerian people who followed the path of struggle to expel the destroyer who used He did everything in his power to seize his honor and dignity, but it was impossible for this enemy to achieve his goal. The victories continued, the resolve of the revolutionaries was strengthened, and the aspirations of a people who wanted freedom, emancipation, and the building of a homeland with their own hands were sharpened. As we remember this date, Dr. Quraya says, “We hope that the date of October 7 will be the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Flood, that it will be the beginning.” To end the Zionist entity from the land of beloved Palestine… just as November 1st ended the presence of France from our lands.

The statement concluded with a passage from the Iliad of Algiers:

November – Your majesty is among us – Aren’t you the one who instilled certainty in us?

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