Noureddine Wahid: There are 52 incubators and 40 others in the process of completion at the university level – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia


The Director of Emerging Enterprises and Support Structures at the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Emerging Enterprises and Small Enterprises, Noureddine Clear, said that the African Emerging Enterprises Conference, which Algeria is hosting today, Sunday, is a major economic event that enables friction and openness to developed African ecosystems, as this event will witness the presence of the largest technological institutions, experts and businessmen. As well as large investment funds.

“This conference has a political dimension, as it will bring together the first ministers of the African continent concerned with innovation, technology and emerging institutions in one place, and for this we will try to absorb all the lessons from these African regimes, especially the developed ones, to move in the same direction, starting from the same problems and fabric,” Noureddine Wahid said on the first radio channel. The one economy that distinguishes the brown continent.

In the context, the speaker said, “The Algerian ecosystem in emerging enterprises is young and dates back to only two years. Therefore, we seek, through organizing this conference, to benefit from the expertise of advanced African institutions in this field,” as the Algerian institutions present will be able to interact with African institutions in order to have a broader idea of ​​the market. African.

This event, which includes university experts, innovators, owners of capital and investment funds, will be an opportunity to create technological cooperation and cooperation in the financing aspect to exchange experiences and benefit from incentives to access foreign capital.

Speaking about incubators, he revealed clearly that there are 52 incubators, in addition to more than 40 incubators at the university level, in the process of being completed within the framework of the cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, emerging institutions, small enterprises, and the Ministry of Higher Education, adding that 100 business incubators can be reached across the country, but this The number is not sufficient.

In the same context, he added that the new Finance Law 2023 will provide important incentives for emerging institutions and investors in scientific and technological research and innovation.

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