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Today, Sunday, the National Forum on the Acquisition Assessment Exam kicked off, the outputs of which will be new measures to fill the gaps that were recorded during the first experience of this exam in the past academic season.

According to the statements of the Minister of National Education, Abdel Hakim Belabed, the aim of the Achievements Assessment Examination, which is a new evaluation system, is to implement the program of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the government’s action plan, and to reconsider the evaluation system for national school examinations.

Belaabed added that this meeting is a building block for the most important outputs of the national symposium, which culminated in state, regional and then national symposiums to evaluate the examination of primary education achievements, which is the first experience, and he said, “We gave an opportunity to all those involved and active in this file, each according to his competence, including teachers, directors and inspectors, to consider what needs to be improved.” It must be revised and what must be preserved, and we concluded by drawing this national symposium to a number of measures that we are working on implementing. It is related to the exam for evaluating the achievements of the primary stage, and dealing with the details, gaps and gaps that are registered with the students and that are not discovered and viewed, according to Belabad.

On the other hand, the Minister of National Education, Abdel Hakim Belabed, revealed that the rate of takbiyah regarding the movement of teachers – the state entry and exit process – reached 93 percent, in a precedent of its kind after the digitization of the process, adding that his sector is working to provide professional well-being for teachers. Also, the stage of confirming and correcting the information, in addition to confirming participation, will take place during the period from 5 to 7 of this month, and teachers who wish to move to another state must correct the errors and deposit the commitment with the competent state education directorate. Belabed clarified that everyone who deposits the commitment is considered an irrevocable official participant in this process. He will be appointed in one of the state institutions to which he wishes to move.

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