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The media community commemorates the National Press Day, which falls on October 22 of each year, after it was approved in 2013, in symbolism to enhance freedom of expression and to commemorate the date of the publication of the first issue of the newspaper “The Algerian Resistance” in 1955, the mouthpiece of the National Liberation Front and Army.

This day came as an acknowledgment of the sacrifices of generations of Algerian journalists since the revolution to the post-independence stage, building and construction, and passing through the black decade. Pluralism is all stages that reflected the sacrifices of the media family, each through its platform.

Then came the gains that came to further value the role of the media family through the announcement of the President’s Award on May 3, 2015 on the occasion of World Freedom of Expression Day, in dedication of professionalism and professionalism in journalistic performance, in appreciation of the work of journalists, and in defense of the media gains and what they have provided for the sake of the nation, the profession, and the prosperity of Algerian society. .

The media sector in Algeria has witnessed remarkable development, especially with the Ministry of Communication taking the initiative to establish laws to regulate it, by holding several workshops with actors in the sector, who expressed their opinions on how to advance it, similar to what is happening in other countries that have achieved qualitative leaps in this field. the field .

Among the obligations of the President of the Republic is to organize regular meetings with the media. The special interest that President Tebboune pays to the media has become evident through his keenness to meet periodically with representatives of the national media and his constant endeavor to upgrade the methods and contents of institutional communication in the context of commitment to the tasks of public service and the public interest, responding to the aspirations of the citizen, and devoting his right to professional information.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Communications announced in a statement the postponement of the National Press Day celebration, as well as the President’s Award for Professional Journalist, which were scheduled for October 21 and 22. “This postponement came, in view of the dangerous, tragic conditions in occupied Palestine, especially the Gaza Strip, in solidarity with the brotherly Palestinian people in this ordeal.”

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