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Rain and snowfall in many states of the country caused water levels to rise across a number of roads, leading to fluctuations in traffic at the level of some municipalities.
The head of the Traffic Coordination Office at the General Command of the National Gendarmerie, Major Samir Bouchait, said that the recent weather fluctuations. Which was accompanied by significant amounts of rain and snow, which caused the closure of some roads in several states.
Major Bouchait explained that National Road No. 9A in the state of Bejaia is exactly at the entrance to the municipality of Tiskriot. It is currently closed due to the collapse of a bridge due to flooding in the valley.
As for other roads in the states of Bouira and Tizi Ouzou, they are open to traffic, especially National Road No. 15 in the state of Tizi Ouzou, which links the states of Bouira and Tizi Ouzou.
In the state of Bouira, the national road No. 15 linking the states of Bouira and Tizi Ouzou in the municipality of Agbalou is open to traffic. It was closed due to snow accumulation. Also, National Road 33 at the municipal level of Bachloul is open.
As for National Road No. 33 in the state of Tizi Ouzou, the Assoul area in the municipality of Boumahdi, the place is closed due to snow accumulation.

This is the case of the road network in the eastern side of the country
The same speaker added, on the eastern side of the country, there were closed roads due to the high water level. Especially in the state of Skikda, which was severely affected by the rainfall, where the national road No. 3 connects. Between the municipalities of Ramadan Jamal and Saleh, it was closed and now it is open to traffic.
State Road No. 33 was closed as a result of the flooding of the Sardaza Dam, and after the water level dropped, it is open to citizens. As for State Road No. 7, linking the municipality of Azaba and Jandal, it was opened. Thanks to the combined efforts of the National Gendarmerie, Civil Defense and Public Works.
National Road No. 44A linking the municipality of Azaba and the state of Annaba is open to traffic.
Major Bouchait also confirmed that most of the state roads are open to traffic, the National Road No. 100 in Oum El Bouaghi, and the National Road No. 3 in the state of Batna, especially in the Ain Melilla and Ain Yacout areas, are open to all drivers.
National Road No. 27 in Constantine Province, linking Blida Constantine and Hamma Bouziane, is open for traffic. Also, National Road No. 3 in the municipality of Didouche Murad is open for traffic.
The same official explained that caution and caution are necessary when using these roads.

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