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The Minister of the Interior, Local Governments and Urban Planning, Ibrahim Murad, said Monday in Algiers that public authorities have mobilized all capabilities to ensure that nearly 11 million students across various regions of the country enroll in educational institutions in “the best conditions.”
In a speech he delivered on the occasion of the handover ceremony of 60 school buses granted by the Sonatrach complex for the benefit of 60 municipalities across the country, Mr. Murad explained that “the public authorities at the central and local levels have mobilized all capabilities in order to prepare well and accurately for school entry this year, to ensure the enrollment of approximately 11 million people.” Students across various regions of the country in educational institutions in the best conditions.”
In this regard, the Minister highlighted that since the beginning of the first semester of this year, in a coordinated framework with many sectors, care has been taken to “control all organizational and logistical matters with the aim of ensuring successful and safe school entry, whether related to strengthening the necessary educational structures or improving services.” School in general.
He added that in this context, the efforts made in this regard allowed the receipt of many educational structures, with other structures to be received before the end of the current year, with a percentage of completion exceeding the previously approved expectations, which will contribute to “alleviating the pressure recorded at the level of education.” Some educational institutions.”
Regarding the rehabilitation of educational institutions, especially in the primary stage, the Minister stated that “maintenance, repair and cleaning of school structures and associated equipment have been completed, in addition to giving all care to the school services, such as feeding and heating.”
In a related context, the concerned departments have worked to complete the procedures for disbursing the school grant to the beneficiaries before entering school, the minister says.
Regarding school transportation, he stressed that it received great attention, because this public service placed on the responsibility of municipalities in accordance with the legislative and regulatory provisions in effect has an impact on alleviating the burden of transporting students, especially in remote areas.
In this context, Mr. Murad revealed that the next school start will see the deployment of about 18,555 buses by municipalities, including 11,383 buses from the municipality and 7,172 buses rented within the framework of agreements with private transport operators.
The Minister considered that this “huge number” of buses deployed by municipalities guarantees the coverage of more than 12,085 lines, provided that the deficit recorded in some lines is continuously rectified, as a sum of money estimated at 6 billion DZD was granted for the year 2023 from the resources of the Solidarity Fund. Guaranteeing local groups to overcome this shortfall is for the benefit of municipalities with limited financial resources.

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