Murad calls on the governor of Chlef to make the state an economic pole


Interior Minister Ibrahim Murad during his supervision of the installation of Ibrahim Ghamird as the new governor of Chlef, succeeding Atallah Moulatti

The Minister of the Interior, Local Governments and Urban Planning, Ibrahim Murad, supervised, on Thursday evening, the inauguration of Ibrahim Ghamird as the new governor of Chlef, succeeding Atallah Moulatti, whose duties have ended.

In his speech during the inauguration ceremony that took place at the state headquarters in the presence of elected officials, executive branch officials, and representatives of civil society, the minister stressed the necessity of working within a participatory, economic, and effective approach by involving local actors and developing the civic sense of citizens.

Ibrahim Murad added that the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, pays great attention to improving citizens’ living conditions, listening to their concerns and resolving them, as well as continuing to record development processes according to the needs of the population and according to the nature of each region, while encouraging the field of investment, entrepreneurship and the creation of local wealth.

In his speech, the Minister of the Interior and Local Communities touched on the measures and preparations for school entry, especially with regard to receiving a significant number of educational structures, ensuring feeding and school transportation, and improving the conditions for studying for students.

He highlighted the importance and necessity of encouraging young people and university graduates to enter entrepreneurship and invest in various fields, pointing out that the current challenges and stakes require the combined efforts of all actors, promoting local development and upgrading public service.

The Minister also praised the capabilities and qualifications of the state of Chlef and the results achieved by the previous governor, calling on the new governor to rise to the challenge and work to value the agricultural, industrial and tourism components, encourage investment, remove obstacles and make the state an economic pole.

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