Murad calls on governors to accelerate the implementation of development projects


Minister of the Interior and Local Communities, Ibrahim Murad, during his supervision of the inauguration of Jamal al-Din Hassas as the new governor of Beni Abbas Province, succeeding Saed Chenouf.

On Wednesday night, Minister of the Interior, Local Communities and Urban Planning, Ibrahim Murad, supervised the inauguration of Jamal al-Din Hassas as the new governor of Beni Abbes Province, succeeding Saed Chenouf.

Murad affirmed, in a speech he delivered during the inauguration ceremony that took place at the headquarters of the state People’s Assembly in the presence of state executives and representatives of civil society, that the President of the Republic seeks, through this movement that he conducted in the corps of governors and appointed governors, to establish a new phase for the continuing efforts of the public authorities in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development. .

The Minister also called for moving forward at an accelerated pace in implementing all the development projects that this young state has benefited from, and supporting it with qualified human capabilities and material means that allow its interests to operate in an optimal manner, as well as spreading equitable neighborhood development to its various regions.

In a related context, he stressed the need to give top priority to projects related to breaking isolation, especially by strengthening the road network in the state, in addition to improving the provision of drinking water, electricity and natural gas to citizens living in isolated areas.

On this occasion, the Minister highlighted the importance of increasing the economic attractiveness of the state and providing all stimulating conditions for wealth-producing investment, as well as continuing efforts aimed at promoting tourism activity in the region.

The Minister praised the competence of the new governor of Beni Abbes, who has extensive professional experience through his progression in various responsibilities throughout his career in the local government sector, where he headed a regional department and held the position of chief of staff in the state of Bashar, director of the local administration in the states of Tipaza and Tizi Ouzou, director of the local administration in the state of Tiaret, and director Central to the Ministry of Commerce, in addition to the head of the Algiers state office and the governor delegated to the administrative district of Bouzareah.

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