More than one million and 676 thousand students enroll in universities


More than one million and 676 thousand students enroll in universities across the various states of the country, supervised by approximately 70 thousand professors.

More than 1,676,000 students will take their seats on Saturday, in anticipation of the academic year 2023/2024, led by nearly 70,000 professors at the various university institutions.

The Director General of Education and Training at the Ministry of Higher Education, Ali Shukri, explained that the number of new baccalaureate degree holders had reached 331,272, of whom 312,745 were enrolled, while the number of students finally registered as of August 30 last year reached 293,718 students, which represents the enrollment rate. It is 96.68 percent.

The new university year is marked by a trend towards specializations in the field of science and technology, – Shukri adds – as 64 percent of the new students were directed towards these specializations, while the humanities and social sciences received a percentage of 36 percent. New specializations have also been developed at the level of several university institutions in line with the labor market, through thematic networks such as seawater desalination and salt water treatment developed at the level of the universities of Ouargla, the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, as well as the Higher School of Irrigation and the Polytechnic School in Oran, and this is what contributes to Within the framework of strengthening water security.

Within the framework of strengthening some specializations, medical students benefited this year from the creation of 14 new training points, in the form of annexes affiliated with the original colleges, as the latter registered 4,000 students at its level, which represents 27 percent of the total number of students directed to this specialization.

As for the two new high schools at the level of the technological pole in Sidi Abdullah, the National Higher School of Nanoscience registered 200 students, while 215 others were registered at the National Higher School of Autonomous Systems. While the National Higher School of Mathematics registered 306 students, and the National School of Artificial Intelligence registered 314 students, according to the Ministry’s Director General of Education and Training.

Regarding the new dual degree, 246 students were registered across the 6 model universities accredited for this year, and these are related to M’sila (specializing in private law and automated media) and (majoring in business administration with English), Laghouat (specializing in digital economics and applied mathematics), and Tlemcen (majoring). International Finance and English), Oran 1 (specializing in computer science and management sciences), and Annaba (automation and computer science).

In the organizational context, this year’s university registrations were characterized by the establishment of a “zero paper” policy, through the digitization of the process through its various stages, in addition to the services that were known for adopting a “single and unified” smart card that allows access to all university services, including transportation, accommodation, catering, and libraries.

On the other hand, the higher education sector will be supported by 40,000 pedagogical seats, distributed over 8 states, completed with a total value estimated at 44.75 billion dinars, and 21,500 accommodation beds, distributed over 9 states, with a value of 25.75 billion dinars, in order to improve the capabilities of accommodating students at the level of university institutions. .

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