More than 6.5 million people come to Algeria during the summer season


More than 6.5 million travelers, both national and foreign, flocked to Algeria during the summer season thanks to “facilitating” measures.

The Minister of the Interior, Local Governments and Urban Development, Ibrahim Murad, revealed, on Thursday, in Algiers, that more than 6.5 million travelers, both national and foreign, arrived in Algeria during the recent summer season, thanks to the “facilitating” measures that were put in place at the border crossings.

Murad explained, in a speech delivered on his behalf by the Secretary-General of the Ministry, Larbi Marzouk, during his supervision of the meeting of the National Committee to prepare for the 2023 summer summer season and follow up on its progress, that “the last summer summer season was characterized by the influx of record numbers of travelers arriving to Algeria, whether national or foreign tourists, as it exceeded The number is 6.5 million passengers, thanks to “the facilitating measures put in place at the land, sea and air border crossings in implementation of the instructions of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, which allowed the reception of arrivals in the best conditions, especially for members of the national community abroad.”

The minister also highlighted that the summer season witnessed “the opening of the largest number of beaches allowed for swimming, which amounted to 437 beaches, with a budget of more than 2.5 billion dinars allocated to prepare them.” Moreover, the security services, the coast guard and civil protection services – Murad adds – spared no effort to maintain public security and order and ensure the safety of citizens, while “strictly confronting any danger that might disturb the good conduct of the summer summer season.”

He stressed that the facilitating measures “have yielded results and clearly contributed to curbing desperate attempts to undermine the free entry to the beaches guaranteed by law,” despite “the recording of a number of violations related to the illegal exploitation of these spaces and free parking lots,” in addition to “the lack of respect for some of the beneficiaries of a concession.” Exploiting the beaches for conditions books and attempts to seize areas other than those allocated to them.”

After the Minister pointed out in the same context that these “violations recorded a relative decrease compared to previous seasons,” he stressed the need to “make more efforts to eliminate them.” He also mentioned that the Civil Protection Services had made “important” arrangements to prevent the dangers of the summer summer season, but they recorded “an increase in the number of deaths by drowning compared to the previous season,” where “214 deaths were recorded by drowning, including 111 on beaches prohibited from swimming.”

The Minister, by the way, called on all sectors and public bodies charged with managing this file to take “appropriate measures to take care of the difficulties and shortcomings and address them in anticipation of the next summer summer season,” while taking the initiative to make “the necessary improvements based on an evaluation of the outcome of the previous season.”

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