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Within the framework of continuous follow-up of vital projects and the functioning of neighboring public facilities, especially those related to the health sector, local authorities at the level of a number of southern states have recently begun to supervise meetings and carry out field outings in order to monitor the pace of completion of various health projects, which by the way called for more dynamism and intensification of efforts. Joint and continuous coordination between various actors in order to provide optimal health care for the citizen.

In this regard, the health file in these states received special attention from the governors, in implementation of the instructions of the higher authorities aimed at improving the health system in these regions. On the occasion of periodic meetings with representatives of Parliament to discuss the various concerns of citizens, as well as during field trips and consultative meetings with various local stakeholders, the Governors emphasized the importance of accompanying various health projects in order to enhance their services to meet the needs of the citizen.

Strict instructions were also given when they inspected some health projects, especially the completion of some hospitals and the activation of neighborhood centers and treatment halls. On the other hand, the local authorities noted the need to follow up on the various processes registered at the level of the concerned departments in order to study them and determine the reasons for the delay of some projects in order to take care of them.

This local movement aimed at reviving health services was demonstrated by inspecting other facilities such as state annexes to the central pharmacy of hospitals, unused structures and some paramedical training institutes, in addition to visiting the project to build a 120-bed hospital in the Gwalil area in the state of In Salih and approving the deal to build a 120-bed hospital for the benefit of the population. Gant.

As an embodiment of the agreement concluded on July 12, 2023 between the state of Timimoun, represented by the Directorate of Health and Population and the Sonatrach Foundation, an agreement was signed for the acquisition of 12 dialysis machines, which contributes to strengthening the health sector in the state in general and in the province of Gourara in particular.

The states concerned: The sample is from the states of Timimoun, Ben Abbes, In Salah, Djanet, Tamanghast and Adrar.

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