Ministry of Industry: Preparing a memorandum of understanding between Algeria and Mali to facilitate the marketing of Algerian medicines – Algerian Dialogue


A memorandum of understanding is being prepared between Algeria and Mali that includes mutual recognition in the field of drug registration and marketing, which will facilitate the entry of national pharmaceutical dealers into the financial market, according to a statement by the Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production.
This was announced by the Secretary-General of the Ministry, Darifa Khoudhir, during her visit yesterday, Friday, to the Algerian pavilion participating in the second edition of the International Health Salon “Kenya Expo 2023” in Bamako.
The Secretary-General, who is participating in the salon’s activities representing the Minister of the Sector, Ali Aoun, explained that this agreement, which is being prepared, will enable the deadlines for the drug registration and marketing process to be reduced, which will enhance cooperation and partnership in the pharmaceutical field between Algeria and Mali.
The Secretary-General called on the various participants in the salon to seize this opportunity to establish a bilateral and continental partnership that is not limited to the commercial aspect, but extends beyond it to include investment in the field of pharmaceutical production, which allows strengthening the presence of Algerian pharmaceutical materials in the regional and continental markets.
It also renewed the support and accompaniment of the competent departments in the Ministry and the National Agency for Pharmaceutical Materials to provide all necessary facilities for the benefit of producers, for the purpose of exporting pharmaceutical materials, to enhance the growth of the sector and the movement of investments in the field of pharmaceutical production, according to the statement.
It is noteworthy that the Algerian pavilion at the salon witnessed the participation of 19 customers from the most important pharmaceutical production institutions specialized in medicines and medical supplies.
Within the framework of discussing ways to intensify the bilateral partnership with Mali, the Secretary-General of the Ministry was received yesterday, Friday, by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Communication, Digital Economy and Modernization of Administration in Mali, Kaidi Ammar Touré.
The discussion during this meeting focused on ways and means of enhancing Algerian-Malian cooperation, especially in the field of digitization of the pharmaceutical industry sector through the serial system for tracking the path of medicines and various digital means and platforms for managing medicine stocks and tracking their availability.

The meeting also allowed the financial side to express its full readiness to develop areas of cooperation with Algeria, especially in the field of emerging institutions, post and telecommunications, according to the statement.

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