Ministry of Commerce: More than 1.9 million illegal spare parts seized in five states – Al-Hawar Algeria


In a statement by Tayeb Zitouni’s interests, it was reported that the operation came “within the framework of monitoring the extent to which car spare parts conform to specifications and standards and following up on the price structure upon import, and in an effort to put an end to fictitious importers, the Ministry of Trade and Export Promotion conducted intensive investigations at the level of the states of Tizi Ouzou and Tipaza, Algeria.” The capital, Batna, and Oum El Bouaghi, and this is in coordination with the interests of the National Gendarmerie.”

The results of these investigations resulted in the seizure of 1,972,041 units of spare parts, with an estimated value of 1.674 billion dinars, with the closure of a commercial store and six unauthorized warehouses.

Investigations resulted in the discovery of two counterfeit trademarks, namely the “GRB” trademark bearing a statement (imported by Eni Corn Import and Export LLC), located in the allotment of the Zighoud Youssef Real Estate Cooperative, Al Nour District No. 09, Plot No. 09, Ain Melilla Municipality – Umm. Al-Bouaghi), and the “SM” brand (bearing Bayan) (imported by LLC Ciano for Import and Export, located in 420, plot No. 20, Azazga – Tizi Ouzou).

25 violations

The interventions also allowed for the detection of twenty-five violations, related to “disturbing the organization of the market and causing disturbance in it to evade the obligations and conditions necessary for the formation, practice and establishment of the activity, and the possession of a stock of products with the aim of stimulating an unjustified rise in prices, in addition to the possession of illegally imported products.”

The statement confirmed that this case has been referred for judicial follow-up, to ensure that the necessary legal measures are taken and to deter illegal practices that harm the national economy and endanger the safety of citizens.

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