Minister of Justice: “The sector has set goals that directly concern the citizen” – Al-Hiwar Algeria


The Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, Abdul Rashid Tabbi, said that his interests have set several goals that directly concern citizens in the justice sector. He said, “In this regard, it is worth appreciating the work of the heads of the judicial councils.”

As Tabbi explained, great work awaits judicial work to ensure the implementation of rulings and improve the public service provided. The renewal of the Supreme Judicial Council will provide an upgrade to judicial work and put an end to the practices that harm the Supreme Judicial Council. Adhering to the duty of caution and ensuring the advancement of judicial work.

As for the second axis, it deals with fighting crime and reducing all forms of crime, such as cases related to neighborhood gangs, whitewashing, exchange crimes, attacks on public funds, speculation, financing terrorism, and other crimes that affect the lives of citizens. It is worth noting that there are mechanisms to put an end to these crimes.

The third axis relates to supplying human resources, which makes an effective contribution to the development of society. He focused on this axis both in terms of accompaniment. Care was taken to expand channels of dialogue by involving the National Union of Judges to raise and address the various concerns of judges.

The fourth axis concerns the modernization of justice, to which the President of the Republic attaches great importance. The advancement of judicial work is based on the modernization of the judicial institution. In line with the government’s action plan, I encourage the expansion of modern technology. He also called for optimal exploitation of automated systems related to judicial activity and judicial orders. Such as remote trials and using them as permitted. As for the fifth axis, it concerns the state’s policy, and the latter has given great importance to the field of punitive policy and reintegration. In this context, this meeting will be an opportunity to evaluate these programs and the extent of the sector’s progress, and ensure that judicial headquarters are secured to avoid any unfortunate incident, and the Mostaganem incident stands out to me.”

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