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The Minister of Interior, Local Communities and Urban Development, Ibrahim Murad, resolved the controversy over the date of holding state council elections in the states The new one that was seconded.

The minister said, in his response to a written parliamentary correspondence, that “electoral elections in the state people’s assemblies will be conducted after these administrative provinces are upgraded to states with full powers, through amending Law No. 84_09 regarding the regional organization of the country, amended and supplemented, and Executive Decree No. 12-342 dated September 12, 2012, setting the number of seats required to be filled to elect members of the municipal and state popular councils.

In his response, the Minister stressed that public authorities always seek to support regional governance in order to allow groups to play their full role in advancing development by adopting the approach of reducing regional disparities, ensuring better stability for the population, and reducing the distances between municipalities and the main headquarters of the states to improve public service, achieve the aspirations of citizens, and bring people closer together. Management from the citizen.

He stated that seven new administrative provinces were established last December by a decision of President of the RepublicAs an embodiment of his commitment to reform the regional organization and the functioning of the local administration, this concerns the administrative districts of the state of Laghouat, Barika in the state of Batna, Qasr el-Shallala in the state of Tiaret, Massaad, Ain and Sarah in the state of Djelfa, Al-Obeid Sidi Sheikh in the state of El-Baidh, and Bou Saada in the state of M’Sila.

According to the Minister, these new administrative districts are subject to the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 15-140 of May 27, 2015, which includes the creation of administrative districts within some states, specifically the special rules associated with them, amended and supplemented, and Executive Decree No. 15-141 of May 28, 2015, which includes the organization of the district. Administrative and its functioning.

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