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Today, Tuesday, in his speech on the sidelines of his presentation of the draft law related to the written press and the electronic press before representatives of the National People’s Assembly, Minister of Communication Mohamed Laqab stressed the necessity of supporting strong newspapers, websites and channels.

Laqab explained that not all newspapers and websites have advertising, and the economic situation does not allow advertising to everyone.

The same speaker admitted that there was an imbalance in the distribution of advertising, and that foundations would be laid for a fair division of it.

The Minister of Communications said that there is no fair competition between channels with regard to broadcasting advertising flashes, as there are those who have reduced prices, and it is possible that the control authority will set a maximum limit for advertising flashes in the future.

He added, “Some channels have advertising flashes for half an hour, and this is a lot. According to international standards, flashes do not exceed 8 minutes.”

Regarding the issue of support, the Minister of Communications continued that the state has not given up supporting the media, but it is not possible to direct all of its money to support the media.

He also stressed, “The ultimate goal of the draft law related to print and electronic journalism is to provide the sector with a strong and robust legal system that enables media professionals to practice the profession with complete comfort, and also enables citizens to obtain honest information that serves the nation.”

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