Minister of Commerce: “We are beginning to witness the realization of the dream of getting rid of the dependence of the economy on hydrocarbons” – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazairia


The Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Tayeb Zitouni, confirmed that Algeria is witnessing the realization of the “dream” of getting out of the economy’s dependence on hydrocarbons. This is after this goal remained “locked in to ideas and programs” for several years.

“The dream has begun to come true,” Zitouni said during his opening speech at the first edition of the “Wessam of Honor for Export” organized at the Abdellatif Rahal International Conference Center, under the supervision of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune. And, “We are certain that the march is still continuing to advance our country, and elevate it to the ranks of developed countries, through participatory action that brings together all actors in the field.”

The minister pointed out that the President’s supervision of this ceremony is “evidence of the utmost importance.” that President Tebboune attaches to the issue of non-hydrocarbon exports. And his “keenness to support the economic dealers who create wealth, especially the exporters whom we consider the ambassadors of our economy abroad.”

Zitouni pointed out that the results achieved in recent years in terms of non-hydrocarbon exports. It comes as a result of restructuring the incentive systems and directing them towards priority sectors.

He added that “development is like freedom, it is earned and not given.” And that the development and prosperity of countries can only be achieved by diversifying the national economy and liberating it from its dependence on hydrocarbons. This is in order to “lay solid foundations for achieving economic independence that enhances sovereignty in all its aspects.”

By the way, the minister emphasized: “The President of the Republic was keen to coincide with the celebrations of Independence and Youth Day. To be “another memory added to our glorious history, by commemorating the first steps towards Algeria’s economic independence.” Considering that the first edition of the Medal of Honor for Export is a “real breakthrough for the era of economically independent Algeria.”

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