Measures to support youth receive praise from people’s representatives


Representatives of the National People’s Assembly appreciate the series of measures that affected the youth group as a means of strengthening national cohesion

On Saturday, representatives of the National People’s Assembly appreciated the series of measures that affected the youth group as a means of strengthening national cohesion that allows confronting challenges internally and externally. The situation in occupied Palestine also cast a shadow on the discussion session, where the representatives affirmed their support for the Algerian position in support of the Palestinian people for self-determination.

The representatives, in their interventions during a public session devoted to discussing the government’s general policy statement, chaired by the Speaker of the Council, Ibrahim Boghali, in the presence of Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdel Rahman, and members of the government staff, called for investment in the human resource.

In this context, the representative of the Future Front, Sufyan Siddiqi, appreciated the series of measures that affected the youth category, such as the unemployment grant and the employment of master’s and doctoral degree holders as the elite of society, noting that the steps represent “an expansion of interest in this important segment.”

On the other hand, the representative called for “following these decisions with new procedures, which was supported by several representatives, as the representative from the National Liberation Front Party, Ahmed Ben Issa, called for opening new financial positions for this category “in order to achieve the principle of equal opportunities.”

For her part, the representative of the Future Front, Sabrina Ahmed Malek, called for opening job positions for various groups, especially graduate doctors, while the representative of the Voice of the People, Ammar Sahraoui, called for “making the utmost efforts to close the unemployment file.”

In the same context, a number of representatives appreciated the policy of preserving the social character of the state, as the representative of the National Democratic Rally, Sufyan Fayed, praised the “recorded development” in this field, adding that “evaluating the government’s performance requires taking into account the internal and external conditions and what distinguished it.” “Stressful crises.”

In the same context, the representative of the National Construction Movement, Abdel Basset Gharbi, believes that “completing the path of digitization of various sectors, especially administration, would block the path to corruption attempts.”

In the context of strengthening the internal front, he praised “the efforts of the Ministry of Mujahideen to consolidate national memory and the principles of the November 1st Statement.”

The file of the national community abroad also received the attention of the representatives, as the representative of the Liberals, Fares Rahmani, called for “organizing periodic meetings with the community to listen to its concerns on the one hand and to discuss mechanisms for cooperation with this segment on the other hand, in addition to calling for consideration of the equivalency of certificates in education.” Higher prices for some groups, as well as reducing the price of travel tickets to facilitate transportation.”

In turn, the representative of the Society for Peace Movement, Ibrahim Dakhinat, called for “more attention to the members of the community to be able to invest in their competencies and enable them to contribute to national development.”

In light of the continued Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip, the representatives reaffirmed Algeria’s firm position in supporting the Palestinian people in self-determination, holding the international community responsible for the aggression against the Palestinians by the usurping Zionist occupation.

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