Massive marches in all states of the country…an Algerian donation for the victory of Palestine – Algerian Dialogue


Today, Thursday, Algerians went out in massive popular marches across the various states of the country in support and advocacy of the Palestinian people in their resistance and defense of their land and sanctities.
The marches come in rejection of the massacres, genocide, and displacement to which the Palestinian people are subjected by the Zionist occupation. The marches come in reinforcement of the firm positions of Algeria, the state and people, in its support of the just Palestinian cause.

Hidaway: Huge turnout since the early hours of the day before the start of the marches in support of Palestine

The head of the Supreme Youth Council, Mustafa Hidawi, revealed that there was a huge turnout from various segments of society from the first hours to the starting point of the capital’s march to support Palestine in May Day Square.
In a statement to national radio, Hidawi noted what Algeria is witnessing across the country, as the echoes indicate massive crowds at the level of the 58 states before the start of the marches in support of Palestine, in a way that renews the stability of the Algerian people’s position on the main issue, and strengthens their solidarity with what the people are exposed to. Palestinians from genocide and displacement.

Hamlawy: As soon as the Rafah crossing is opened, we will send aid to our brothers in Gaza
The President of the Algerian Red Crescent, the Algerian Red Crescent, announced that it is ready to send various aid stored at the warehouse level to our brothers in the Gaza Strip, which will be sent as soon as the Rafah crossing is opened for its entry.
Hamlawi stated, “The aid allocated by the Algerian Red Crescent to our Palestinian brothers coinciding with the catastrophic conditions in the Gaza Strip has been ready from day one and is represented in blankets, mattresses, tents, medicines, and food parcels.”
The spokeswoman stressed that the Algerian Red Crescent is always ready to intervene from the first day of any disaster across the world through its “Aman” stock, as the Algerian Red Crescent is in constant communication with the Red Crescent and International Red Cross bodies of many Arab countries and the Palestinian Red Crescent. Who provided him with a list of basic needs.
Hamlawy commented, “It is not possible to send aid at the present time, some of which is perishable, such as medicines and food, because of the possibility of it remaining in desert areas where temperatures exceed 40 degrees in Al-Arish and Rafah without being brought into Gaza.”
She added, “We made a decision after communicating with the Palestinian Red Crescent to keep this aid stored at the warehouse level, and when the Rafah crossing is opened, it will be shipped and delivered intact to the Gaza Strip.”

Imam Muhammad Belali: What is happening in Palestine is a complete crime

Imam Muhammad Balali affirmed that it is the duty of the Islamic nation to support Jerusalem and the Blessed Land, and for everyone to move with all his might to support Palestine, whether by pen, word, or loud denunciation against this brutal occupier.
In a statement to Holy Quran Radio, Balali explained that what is happening in Palestine, including the killing of children and women and the bombing of hospitals, is a full-fledged crime.
Balali stressed that the Palestinians are committed to their land and country, saying, “Their lands were occupied, their sanctities were desecrated, and the honor of their women was violated. When they defended themselves, hospitals were bombed.”

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