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The Minister of Transport, Youssef Sharfa, stated that a number of measures have been taken to establish internal sea lines to transport passengers through coastal cities, while harnessing various capabilities to develop this mode of transport in order to remove the bottleneck on the roads.

In response to a question by Representative Zakaria Badroun, during a public session dedicated to oral questions, about the exploitation of internal sea lines to transport passengers, Minister Charfa said that “pursuant to the directives of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, within the framework of embodying the strategy of developing the pattern of maritime transport for passengers, measures were taken.” A set of procedures and measures to establish sea lines for travelers between coastal cities to enable citizens to move around, especially in the summer, while providing ships that conform to technical standards that enable them to enter ports that meet safety conditions.”

In this regard, the Minister adds, the National Maritime Transport Corporation has allocated two ships, the “Seraydi” and its subsidiary “Burj Badji Mokhtar”, with the aim of exploiting them in urban maritime transport in the summer, noting that it has begun to exploit a sea line from “Al-Sablat” towards “Tamenfost (the capital), which was widely welcomed by the citizens.

He added that the corporation’s interests are working in coordination with the port authorities to “study the proposal to operate some other lines, including the sea line linking Algiers to the city of Dels,” and that there is “initial approval of the proposal and a pledge to establish passenger reception structures during the coming summer.”

Compensation of 84 percent of tickets for foreign flights suspended due to Corona, and the process is continuing.

In his response to a question by MP Fares Rahmani (Al-Ahrar) about compensation for air and sea tickets purchased by members of the Algerian community residing abroad and not used during the Covid-19 period due to the suspension of flights, the minister explained that for flights, it is “among about 600,000 tickets.” More than 84 percent of it has been sold and replaced, to this day, with a financial value of approximately 2 billion DZD.”

Regarding sea transport for passengers, he explained that “more than 1,150 customers have been compensated with a sum of 150 million DZD,” reassuring that “the process will continue until the end of the year with regard to sea and air transport.”

Sharfa confirmed that this year, the program of air and sea flights has been returned to the 2019 level, adding that, for the next summer season, preparations will be made for it beginning in January 2024, in addition to strengthening the air fleet before the end of the year through leasing Boeing aircraft. And Airbus, waiting to receive the acquired aircraft.

He revealed that the ships “Tariq Bin Ziyad” and “Algeria” are currently being prepared at the level of the workshops of the National Ship Repair Corporation in order to repair them and deliver them in a new livery, so that the same process will continue with the ships “Tassili” and “Burj Badji Mokhtar”, in addition to renting a ship with a capacity 2000 seats to support the naval fleet.

On the other hand, the Minister indicated that the National Corporation for Maritime Transport for Passengers has created a new digital platform for reservations with Algerian competencies, which entered into service a week ago.

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