Mahmoud Salim, official of foreign relations in the Fatah movement: All Arabs have failed Palestine except Algeria – Algerian Dialogue


Mahmoud Salim, official of foreign relations in the Fatah movement in Algeria, stressed today, Tuesday, that the entity fears the tunnels and the people of the Gaza Strip are prepared, and Algeria is the only exception.

On the first radio channel, Mahmoud Slim ruled out “the occurrence of a ground attack,” justifying this by “the entity’s fear of the Gaza tunnels, the secrets of which only the resistance knows.”

The Palestinian official highlighted that “the people of Gaza are ready for sacrifice before the failed and cowardly enemy,” considering that October 7, 2023, witnessed a major victory achieved by the Palestinians for the first time by liberating settlements with an area equivalent to twice the size of the Gaza Strip, and in six hours the resistance was able to destroy the military and psychological strength of the entity. In addition to the capture of generals, officers, and soldiers, and about 250 prisoners, including the bodies of Zionists.

Dr. focused on Salim said that there is a joint operations room in Gaza, reassured that the political dispute in Palestine is a healthy dispute, and the problem, in his opinion, lies in the attempt of neighboring countries to interfere in Palestinian internal affairs.

The guest of the first pointed out that the West Bank is witnessing an escalation by the entity, which has intensified the barbaric bombing of Palestinian factions that have few weapons, but he seemed confident of victory: “The Zionist soldiers are fleeing and their affairs have been exposed,” saying: “We do not expect the war to expand.”

All Arabs failed Palestine except Algeria

Note Dr. Mahmoud Salim said that all Arabs, except Algeria, failed Palestine and did not move to protect Al-Aqsa, pointing out that Algeria is the only Arab country that has a firm position on Palestine, and that Palestinians live in dignity in Algeria.

Nearly 1.5 million displaced Palestinians

The spokesman reiterated that “the situation is very difficult in Gaza,” noting that “aid is arriving but does not meet what is required,” in lands witnessing nearly one and a half million displaced Palestinians, eighty percent of the martyrs being women and children, and the entity destroying half of Gaza in retaliation.

He added: “There is no place for neutrality in a battle that is witnessing an American landing, after the entity was surprised that the Palestinians took the initiative.”

Dr. was keen Saleem emphasized that the Zionist soldiers have been defeated on more than one level since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa flood, so they lack the ability to storm Gaza.

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