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French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed today, Friday, that the crisis cell meeting will remain open due to the violent protests that erupted in French cities following the killing of the boy, “Nael”.

Macron said during an emergency meeting today with Prime Minister Elizabeth Born and Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin that the authorities will work to identify those who call for protests through social media, while announcing the decision to cancel many entertainment events and gatherings in the most dangerous sections in order to protect the city’s buildings and protect citizens.

And the French President considered that social networking sites have greatly contributed to the expansion of violent protests in France, and said, “In the coming hours, we will organize work with these services to remove the most provocative content. Public services will also work with these platforms, when necessary, to identify those who use these social networks to call for riots and exacerbate violence.

Macron, who confirmed that the situation and the attacks that are taking place have become unacceptable, considered that the violence that accompanied the protests is unjustified, and said, “We will firmly confront anyone who takes advantage of this period to create chaos and encroach on institutions,” as the government will take additional measures regarding the protests, and will take the necessary measures. In order to deal firmly with anyone who loots or attacks state institutions, holding parents responsible for their children, pointing out that a third of those arrested last night are teenagers and that social media platforms had a role in the events that the country witnessed in recent days, and that concern is mounting about Organized gangs behind the violence.

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