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Youssef Loussif, the regional director of the Sonatrach complex in the Hassi R’Mel region, highlighted today, Sunday, the importance of the Hassi R’Mel gas platform, which is the pride of Algeria, and is considered one of the largest gas stations in the world, and also ranks first in Africa, stressing that the Hassi R’Mel platform contributes greatly. In making Algeria a reliable partner, it also plays a significant role in energy insurance for Algeria and meeting the needs of customers at the local and global levels.

Loussif instructed that the Hassi R’Mel platform contributes to the process sought by the Algerian state for energy transformation, and always takes into account the applications of gas as clean energy.
Loussif recorded that Hassi Rmel has presented and advanced, and will continue to provide for future generations, pointing out that the date of discovery of the first Hassi Rmel fields was in 1956, and it entered production in 1961, before development was completed years later, as ten wells were drilled in the sixties of the last century, and since That time and the Hassi R’Mel region developed year after year, starting from Factory No. 0, passing through four other factories, all the way to the compression stations and the emission of gas from the ground, and others.

Production of 3 main materials and continuous development

The regional director of Sonatrach in Hassi Rmel pointed out the production of three main materials: dry gas, liquefied petroleum gas and condensates, recording a recovery rate of between 86 and 92 percent thanks to the technology of gas pressure boosting stations known as “boosting”, a technology that was activated in the “Bosting Station 1” project. “In 2004, by pumping gas from 76 to 102 percent, which is the pressure of the Hassi R’Mel gas processing facilities.

Loussif recorded that the production path was enhanced by the entry into production of the “Bosting Station 2” project in 2009, with gas pressure from 57 to 102 percent, then the launch of “Bosting Station 3” in 2020, in a first phase from 24 to 57 percent, and from 57 to 102 percent. .

The same official revealed that a study of the complementary project had begun, which is the second phase of the “Posting 3” project, to raise the gas pressure from 10 (bar) to 24 (bar), from 24 (bar) to 57 (bar), and from 57 (bar). ) to 102 (bar), to enable the Hassi R’Mel region to continue production in the medium and long term.

Loussif was keen to reiterate that Algeria has always been and continues to work to maintain its position as a reliable partner for all its customers, by introducing modern technologies that help the process of economic establishments and factories to operate without interruption, praising that the 3,400 workers who work in the Hassi R’Mel region are sons and daughters. The Algerian statesmen, who were trained in Algerian schools and universities, are recognized by foreigners as having the highest level of experience.

Full commitment to environmental cleanliness standards

Algeria pays great attention to clean energy applications and the use of the latest technologies. In this context, Loussif reported that Algeria has ratified all international laws related to the preservation of humans, facilities, the environment, and the environment. Algeria is keen to adhere to zero emissions into the environment, in addition to reducing sound vibrations, so that they do not exceed The 65 decibels, in addition to securing everything surrounding gas installations, through the use of monitoring systems that adopt the latest technology trends, and to exclude any damage, which has allowed the production stations to continue working without stopping since 2020.

Launching the second phase of “Boosting 3” at the end of 2026

Loussif stressed the necessity of maintaining gas production levels in Algeria, to meet the needs of the Algerian consumer, meet the needs of electric power generation plants, and the needs of Algerian factories, not to mention meeting the needs of Algeria’s customers at the external level, highlighting that the best evidence of this is the package of projects that Sonatrach is promoting to embody. In the near and medium levels, after completing all technical studies on gas turbines (a type of turbine), 20 to 21 turbines have begun to be manufactured with the Italian partner. This path will be crowned by the launch of the second phase of the “Posting Station 3” at the end of 2026.

Several projects are lined up for the upcoming year

Regarding the prospects for the gas system in the Hassi R’Mel region, Mr. Youssef Loussif stated that, based on the wise governance of the Algerian state, several projects will continue to be implemented in the future, such as generating solar energy in the bases of life, as well as preserving the environment by establishing industrial water treatment plants, and avoiding… Throwing it into the ocean, and deepening the protection of humans from any repercussions, as long as they are capital and the added value of every industry, so the state is always interested in fortifying the health aspect in all gas installations.

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