Local insulin production saved 100 million euros


The Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, Ali Aoun, revealed that coverage of the national market with local production of medicines at the end of 2022 and during the first semester of 2023 reached an estimated 70 percent, indicating that insulin production has contributed to reducing the import bill by 100 million euros.

On Monday, during his presentation of the sector’s annual report to the Parliament Committee, Aoun explained that the production of insulin in Algeria allowed the import bill to be reduced by 100 million euros during the year 2023.

The same minister highlighted that the new strategy of the Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production is based on three axes, which are mainly represented in developing the industrial fabric by 2024, controlling the market, in addition to providing medicines at the national level, as well as encouraging information systems and the digital platform in the sector.

In terms of numbers, the same minister revealed, saying, “This year we recorded an increase in the number of medicines registered within the framework of local production to 3,327 out of 4,544 medicines registered at the code level (i.e., by 73 percent).

Regarding dental anesthesia, the Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production confirmed that his sector put more than 6 million and 850 thousand doses on the market this year, including 5 million doses in the last three months, indicating that about 600 thousand doses of dental anesthetic will be distributed this week. .

In this context, the same minister said, “There are more than 1 million and 700 thousand doses under customs release waiting to be received this week. We received one million doses in the middle of this month, and they will be released in the last week of the current year in addition to other quantities.”

The Minister of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production explained that the problem of the scarcity of dental anesthetics was caused by a foreign informant who was monopolizing the drug, as he wanted to raise its price from 5 euros to 15 euros, which was completely rejected.

In his response to a question related to the expansion of projects, the Minister of Industry confirmed that “Sanofi” has high-quality laboratories that have been operating in Algeria for approximately 40 years, and that they will be granted all facilities to produce the largest amount of medicines, to eliminate some interruptions.

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