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The Chief of Staff of People’s National Army, Lieutenant General Chaïd Chanegriha, congratulated all the officers, non-commissioned officers, non-commissioned men and civil servants on the occasion of the sixty-first anniversary of the Independence Day and the restoration of national sovereignty, once again the covenant to preserve the will, the trust and the preservation of the national memory.

Lieutenant General Shangriha said in his congratulatory message to the army personnel and employees, today, Wednesday, after praising their efforts on every inch of the country, that “the national independence that our Miamin ancestors left us is a precious trust that does not accept negotiation, and it can only be preserved and safeguarded by sincere work, unity of ranks and spirit.” Pure patriotism, in order to give our country that strength and ability to face all challenges.

The Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army affirmed that “the stronger our unity, the stronger our strength becomes, and it becomes impossible for anyone to penetrate our front and divide us, for the unity of the class and the unity of purpose work miracles, and I am sure that as much as we are faithful to our values, history, memory and symbols, we will make excellence and reach the goal.” He added that the Independence Day was “the birth of a new dawn for our nation made by the sacrifices of our Miamin fathers and grandfathers, who deserve from us today, and every day, fulfillment and commitment to the promise and standing a pause of honor and reverence for them, in which we proudly immortalize the epics of our heroic history.”

In the congratulatory text, Lieutenant General renewed the covenant to the souls of millions of martyrs to “preserve the commandment and trust and preserve our national memory, which is the spirit of our nation rooted in the depths of history and the guardian of our values, our existence and our identity, which guides our aspirations and our insistence on building Algeria of excellence, merit and advancement to the ranks of emerging countries.” He added, “Algeria will always remain the strong fortress that brings us together and protects us, and the source of glory and pride that we carry in our depths when we see it always lofty, shining with our hopes and aspirations and the maker of our bright future, which can only be achieved through the concerted efforts of all its people, their sincerity, selflessness and solidarity, a solidarity through which determination is strengthened and strengthened.” Forearms, life flourishes, security radiates through it, stability is established, and development is strengthened. Thanks to him, they name the nation’s affairs so that its flag rises high among nations.”

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