Libyan sources for dialogue: The UN envoy’s briefing has nothing to do with the elections


A source from the United Nations Dialogue Mission in Libya revealed that the briefing of the UN envoy to Libya, Abdullah Batili, expected tomorrow in the UN Security Council, will focus primarily on the reconstruction file.

The same sources said that regarding the elections awaited by more than 3 million Libyan voters registered with the Electoral Commission, he considered that it was not one of Batelli’s priorities, explaining that the latter’s briefing would not contain anything new in particular.

The sources confirmed that the UN envoy will announce that the laws issued by the House of Representatives are incomplete and non-consensual, and have many defects that need to be addressed, and that the controversial points in them require Libyan-Libyan consensus away from mediation and foreign interference.

The source explained that this proposal would further prolong the life of the crisis indefinitely, stressing that the only beneficiary of this proposal is the Prime Minister of the Libyan unity government, Abdul Hamid Al-Dabaiba.

The source concluded his speech by stressing that simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections are the only solution to the Libyan crisis.

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