Libya… 7 billion euros in accumulated debts to the UAE and Wagner, incurred by Haftar, are delaying the formation of the new government – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia


The Libyan government has admitted that the accumulated debts of the UAE and Wagner, estimated at about 7 billion euros, incurred by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar over the past years are delaying the formation of the new government in Libya.

The government said in a statement that debts worth (7) billion euros in favor of the UAE and Wagner incurred by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar during the past years hinder the formation of a new government in Libya, and that the UAE and Wagner are demanding guarantees to pay their debts to Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar during the past years, amounting to 7 billion euros before Formation of a new government in Libya.

In the Libyan government’s statement regarding the procedures for administrative seizure of oil revenue funds, it came out of transparency and informing the Libyan people of everything that affects their life, security, and economy, we saw clarification of the matter in a way that defines responsibility and puts a clear picture in front of the Libyan people.
At a time when the Libyan government is actively seeking to take all the measures required by the current stage of development and reconstruction of cities affected by the successive wars on terrorism and others, and despite the limited sources of funding for the Libyan government, yet since it gained the confidence of the Libyan Parliament, it has started development and reconstruction work honestly and directly. In the reconstruction of the affected cities and the solution of bottlenecks that the Libyan citizen suffers from in all cities through the competent ministries and the Reconstruction and Stability Committee emanating from the Libyan Parliament, which made clear and rapid efforts to achieve the desired goals of its establishment, which the government follows up on its work and directs and spends on the projects that it proceeds to implement in a manner Urgent, where, for example, new roads were built, dilapidated ones were maintained, bridges and power stations were established, drinking water was delivered to some deprived areas, and infrastructure was maintained in all fields. What has been done and is currently being accomplished in all cities under the administrative control of the Libyan government, east and south, without exception.
The government has also continuously taken measures to complete the municipal council elections in the municipalities within its administrative control and to provide all the human and material capabilities to complete them, which have been completed in some municipalities and are still being completed in others. These fair elections resulted in financial and administrative stability for these municipalities, which have always witnessed many Administrative and legal disputes and problems between the administrative and municipal councils.

With a simple comparison between numbers and results, we will find that the outgoing government has wasted billions without providing any real services to citizens, and this matter is clearly visible and does not need further clarification.

In the framework of the follow-up and responsibility entrusted to it, the Libyan government sets its sights on preserving public money through a package of measures related to its follow-up from its collection to the stages of disbursement in accordance with the financial law of the Libyan state.

From this standpoint, the government followed up, according to the control and accounting information, the blatant encroachment on the money of the Libyan people by the outgoing government and the disbursement of billions in an exaggerated manner and in other than the necessary expenditures required by the circumstances the country is going through. The National Oil Corporation undertakes to collect and deposit it in the Foreign Bank of Libya, where the Corporation recently enabled the outgoing government to acquire sixteen billion dollars worth of money, to be added to the unjustly wasted money and billions, contrary to the law and regulations in force in Libya, and from here It was necessary for us, as a legitimate government, to take the measures that the law requires us to take in order to preserve public money and protect it from tampering and corruption practiced by certain people who exploited the powers of their position to obtain illegal benefits for themselves and others. This was done last January and in accordance with Law No. 152 of 1970, and based on Article The eighth of the Constitutional Declaration, which approved the principle of equitable distribution of wealth, announcing the administrative seizure by the Ministry of Planning and Finance of the Libyan government on Libyan oil revenues for the year 2022 and beyond, which exceeds 130 billion dinars, to prevent tampering with them as well, as the administrative seizure will affect the funds related to the door Development only without prejudice to the salary item, which is spent from the first chapter in the general budget. Likewise, the matter continues to be spent on the service sectors until the completion of the necessary procedures. If necessary, the Libyan government will raise the red flag and prevent the flow of oil and gas and stop their export, by resorting to the judiciary and issuing an order declaring force majeure until the completion of the legal and financial procedures related to the financial arrangements. 49 of 2023.

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