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revealed university Continuing training for Yafsi to address 12,914 appeals on-line for the first and second semester in all fields and specializations and for both levels. Bachelor’s degree And the master, including 2429 appeals against the marks of the master’s standards.

According to the same sources, they confirmed in a statement on the official page that the pedagogical departments in charge of student appeals on educational grounds have processed 12,914 online appeals for the first and second semester in all fields and specializations and for both the bachelor’s and master’s levels, including 2,429 appeals against the master’s standards grades.

The statement added that it should be noted that these appeals are specific to educational floors (activities), and we will publish the number of appeals processed at the Jesco floor level when statistics are prepared later.

University indicated Genesis Yafsi continued that all student appeals at the level of educational floors have been dealt with by increasing or confirming the grade, and even by decreasing in very limited cases, which is the treatment that has been completed, and no appeal will be accepted later, nor can any student wait for any amendment to the level of grades for activities.

At the conclusion of its statement, the same interests emphasized that correcting material errors, once there is evidence of their existence, remains an established right for the student even after the deliberations are published. Confirming that this Appeals It does not include appeals in GISC

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