Launching works to complete promising residential projects in Beni Abbes


Minister of Housing, Tarek Belaribi, announces the allocation of a significant sum of money exceeding 1 billion dinars to implement housing programs in the state of Beni Abbes (HM)

The Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City, Mohamed Tarek Belaribi, announced the allocation of a significant sum of money exceeding 1 billion dinars in order to implement housing programs in the state of Beni Abbes and provide urban development in its various municipalities.

The minister explained during his visit to the state, on Tuesday, that financial funds had been provided in order to start the beginning of housing programs in the year 2024, with 1 billion dinars allocated to the state of Beni Abbes in 2023 in order to begin implementing a number of housing programs, in addition to another financial cover. In the Finance Law of 2024 for Beni Abbes in order to provide urban development in the municipalities so that the state becomes a tourist destination, Belaribi explained that until June 2024, all retail units and rural building housing will be connected to various networks and roads, as well as electricity and water.

On Tuesday morning, Minister Belaribi embarked on a working visit and inspection of his sector in the state of Beni Abbes, accompanied by the chief official of the state’s executive apparatus, Jamal Eddine Hassas, and in the presence of the governor of the state, the security and civil authorities, and the elected officials.

The Minister began this working and inspection visit to the municipality of Beni Abbas by presenting a current presentation on the reality of the housing sector in Beni Abbas at the headquarters of the State Popular Council, presented by the executive directors of the sector, where the presentation witnessed the presentation of the total housing program in the state, which includes 744 public rental housing, 2886 rural subsidies, 168 Subsidized housing with a total of 3,798 housing units.

In his second stop, the Minister visited the headquarters of the directorates affiliated with the sector in Beni Abbes, where he was briefed on the interests and offices of these headquarters. He then supervised the launch of the urban improvement project for the municipality of Beni Abbes and gave a current presentation on urban improvement projects at the state level. Belaribi also laid the foundation stone. To complete a quota of 140 public rental housing in the municipality of Beni Abbes.

Belaribi continued his visit by inspecting the urban pole project (plan to occupy lands 12 and 13), where, after reviewing the information about this project as well as the location of its completion, he declared the necessity of presenting the study file of this project to the central authorities in order to determine the appropriate area for the completion of this pole, accompanied by the local authorities, especially Governor of the state.

In the municipality of Ouatta, Belaribi gave the signal for the launch of the rural retail development project 2

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