Launching the ninth edition of the President’s Award for the Professional Journalist


The Ministry of Communication announces the organization of the ninth edition of the President’s Award for Professional Journalists

The Ministry of Communication announced the organization of the ninth edition of the President’s Award for Professional Journalists, on the occasion of the National Press Day corresponding to October 22 of each year, as the deadline for receiving candidacy files is October 10.

According to what was stated on the official website of the Ministry of Communication, the topics of this edition revolve around one of the following topics: “The New Algeria and the Problem of Food and Water Security”, “The New Algeria: Empowering Youth Energies and Creative Capabilities”, and “Energy Security and Its Geopolitical Dimensions”.

The same source explained that this award aims to encourage and promote national journalistic production in all its forms and to motivate excellence, creativity and professionalism in the national press, by establishing a culture of merit as well as rewarding the best journalistic work done either individually or collectively related to the proposed topics.

The ministry added that the door for candidacy is opened for those wishing to participate according to the following categories: written media: article, reportage, investigation, television media: reportage, investigation, documentary tape, broadcast media: reportage, investigation.

Electronic media: the works that have been published through the websites, and the image: the photograph, the press drawing or the caricature.

Regarding the conditions for participation, the works nominated for the award must have been published or broadcast during the period between October 22, 2022 and October 10, 2023. The candidate must be of Algerian nationality, prove that he has practiced the profession in a media outlet for at least three years, and not be a member of a committee. arbitration.

It is possible to participate in the award individually or collectively, and the candidate cannot participate in more than one work in one of the previously mentioned categories, and the candidate in the photo category can participate in more than one work, and the winners of the Professional Journalist Award cannot participate in the competition in its various categories except after a period Three years after their coronation.

The candidacy file consists of: – 03 copies of the participating works, a copy of the identity card, a copy of the professional card, a work certificate proving the three years experience stipulated, the candidacy form that can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website:

And the Ministry of Communication stated in the same statement, the participation files are sent to the chairman of the arbitration committee for the President’s Award for Professional Journalist, by regular mail at the following address: Ministry of Communication, P.O. Box No. 474, Bir Mourad Rais, Algeria, or deposited at the headquarters of the Ministry of Communication, Office No. 701 seventh floor.

Files can also be sent via e-mail to the following address: [email protected], and the last date for receiving files is October 10, 2023.

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