Launching the Algerian Transparency Network (We See You)


Minister of the Interior Ibrahim Murad during the national forum to announce the Algerian Transparency Network “See you” on Monday, October 23, 2023 (HM)

The Minister of the Interior, Local Governments and Urban Planning, Ibrahim Murad, confirmed that “the establishment of the Algerian Network for Transparency (We See You), and the official launch of its digital portal, constitutes the result of a joint effort between our ministerial sector and the Supreme Authority for Transparency, Prevention and Combating of Corruption.”

The Minister explained in a speech on the occasion of the National Forum to announce the Algerian Network for Transparency “We See You” and the official launch of its electronic portal, on Monday, that this work comes with the participation of local groups and representatives of associations, through a series of rich meetings organized at the local level. He continued, “We noticed that there is a real and common will among the various actors to engage in this endeavor.”

The same minister added that the phenomenon of corruption in all its forms has become one of the most important obstacles that disturb the smooth path of the deep reforms initiated by the public authorities as an embodiment of the obligations of the President of the Republic. Pointing out that “there has been a need to redouble the efforts made by all actors to confront this negative phenomenon, by working in a coordinated and joint framework, and encouraging the culture of reporting among citizens as a positive and civilized behavior.”

The same minister explained that instructions had been given to governors on the necessity of taking a set of measures regarding combating administrative corruption and improving public service, which consisted mainly of strengthening oversight mechanisms over the activity of administrative departments placed under the authority of local officials. Activating the legal vigilance system, by monitoring various legal and regulatory loopholes and reporting them to our central interests in order to remedy and address them; Effectively taking care of citizens’ concerns periodically and quickly; Promoting the principle of transparency, and by empowering citizens with their right to information and guidance; Valuing the acquired capabilities in the field of improving public service.

The same minister noted that “our ministerial sector worked, in coordination with the Supreme Authority for Transparency, Prevention and Combating of Corruption, to establish the property declaration system, by urging the various executives and elected officials to declare the property they possess.”

The Minister of the Interior stressed the strengthening of the important role of the General Inspectorate of our ministerial department, as well as the General Inspections of the states, in monitoring the activity of various administrative departments at the local level, and investigating various reported violations in a legal manner, while taking corrective measures in order to correct them. Stressing the permanent commitment of our ministerial sector to supporting all endeavors in this field and being open to various opinions and initiatives.

On the other hand, the same minister praised the important role and level of awareness that civil society has achieved by giving priority to the public good and standing by the state and its institutions, which will spare no effort to fight this phenomenon and hold accountable everyone who dares to bargain with citizens about their most basic rights, or infringe on them. Public money or agreement at the expense of the country’s best interest.

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