Launching a new electronic application to facilitate obtaining work


The Minister of Labor announces the launch of an electronic application to facilitate obtaining work

The Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Faisal bin Taleb, announced the launch of an electronic application in the next few days, which will allow access to the branches and specializations of training required in the labor market, and mediation in the labor market.

During the National Meeting of State Directors of Employment and Heads of State Employment Branches, the Minister mentioned on Saturday the package of legislative and regulatory texts approved by the state, especially since the year 2020, which formed a basic basis for creating economic activities and increasing decent work opportunities in the medium and long term.

Ben Taleb added that these texts relate to promoting employment and enhancing the purchasing power of various segments of society, such as integrating beneficiaries of professional and social integration assistance devices and the unemployment grant.

The Minister noted the important effort made by the government to achieve digital transformation to modernize public service and remove administrative obstacles, noting that the labor, employment and social security sector, and in implementation of the commitments of the President of the Republic, especially commitments No. 25, 42 and 44, developed and put into service 102 digital services within Sector portal.

The same spokesman indicated that among these services, 86 were included in the government portal for electronic services, and as for the National Employment Agency, it has developed 37 electronic services, including the interactive “MINHA” grant platform, the Algerian Code of Professions and Jobs “NAME” application and service, and others. .

The Minister of Labor emphasized that this code, which is a reference for economic institutions and the public appointment facility, and a legal and technical standard tool for unifying titles to ensure uniform use by all those involved in the labor market, will contribute to overcoming the difficulties related to obtaining some positions, strengthening oversight, and reducing abuses in the labor market. Granting job positions.

Ben Taleb pointed to the digital solutions for the sector, which allowed for improving the quality of service at the level of the public employment facility, similar to the decision-making assistance system with real-time monitoring of indicators.

The Minister announced the launch of the electronic application “Tawjeeh” in the next few days, which will allow access to the branches and specializations of training required in the labor market, and about mediation in the labor market. The Minister revealed that there has been a record increase in the number of appointments, as their number in the economic sector reached the year 2023 until the end of the year. Last October: 292,823 inaugurations.

Ben Taleb gave a number of instructions, stressing the need to ensure that this process is completed according to the schedule set by the government, to continue the efforts made in the field of improving public service services, and to pay special attention to improving and adapting the qualifications of the local workforce.

The Minister stressed the need to monitor the extent to which foreign companies respect their obligations in the field of employment and training of the national workforce, and to enhance transparency and integrity in program management, especially the management of job offers and applications.

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