Launching a digital platform to regulate imports – Algerian Dialogue

Today, Tuesday, Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Tayeb Zitouni, supervised the establishment of a digital platform that would listen to the concerns of economic traders and regulate the random import process.

During a workshop on logistical procedures for export, Zitouni said: “The approach we work with is a participatory and consultative approach by involving decision-makers in order to raise our absorptive capabilities in all sectors.”

The first official in the sector added that it was agreed to set certain goals that must be achieved before 2029, noting that the value of Algeria’s exports will reach more than 7 billion dollars in 2022.

The first official in charge of the sector continued: “The problems raised are related to transportation and bank transactions, which we seek to solve in coordination with all sectors to find reference solutions that will support investment.”

The Minister of Trade and Export Promotion stressed the need for everyone to mobilize, roll up their sleeves, and formulate a national plan to advance manufacturing, investment, and exports to achieve the established goals.

Zitouni explained: “We have recently been able to strengthen our national production after the decision of the Council of Ministers, which resulted in taking many decisions, the first of which was the decision of the President of the Republic to award the Medal of Honor and honor all exporters, and then came the installation of the Advisory Council for Exporters.”

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