Launching a campaign to promote safe use of the Internet for children


The Ministry of Post adopts campaigns aimed at protecting children on the Internet

Launching a campaign to promote safe use of the Internet for children. Although digital access provides these children, the Internet also exposes them to a range of risks and harms.

According to its official pages on social media, the Ministry has begun publishing a series of publications on how to protect children on the Internet, explaining that this step falls within one of the axes of the strategy adopted by the sector, which is to protect the rights of citizens and establish the ethics of using modern technologies in accordance with the values ​​of society. The Algerian”.

In this regard, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications explained that, given the widespread use of the Internet, which may not be without risks, especially for children, it has become necessary to take the necessary measures to protect against it and raise awareness about it, by involving all parties concerned with protecting children online. .

Regarding the role of guardians in protecting their children, the Ministry explained that since the family is the foundation and nucleus of society, it has important roles in influencing children and shaping their behaviour, as the greatest responsibility falls on guardians to protect their children from misuse of the network, by making them aware of what What is allowed to be done on the network and what is not allowed, what is legal and what is illegal and the consequences that result from that.

The Ministry indicated that the educational community also plays an important role in raising awareness and introducing people to the dangers of the Internet, as well as in supporting safe browsing and making the most of the useful information the network contains, as well as reducing the risks resulting from its misuse.

The same source continued, referring to the dangers that our children may face on the Internet, and what may result from its misuse in the various spaces and services it provides and the many risks that affect their psychological and physical health.

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