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This Monday evening, Minister of Communications Mohamed Laqab met at the ministry’s headquarters with the heads and representatives of unions and national associations active in the sector.

The meeting comes with the aim of the Minister continuing to listen to all the concerns and suggestions of the various members of the sector and its professionals for the purpose of drawing a road map for the work of the media system in the future, given that the unions express the concerns of journalists.

The Minister of Communications stressed that the sector must complete its legislative system and install its governing structures, focusing on the necessity of establishing a professional ethics council in the near future.

This meeting also constituted an opportunity to discuss some articles of the new organic media law, especially those related to journalist protection and training, as the Minister of Communications considered that the new law provides broader protection for media professionals while exercising their duties.

By the way, the Minister of Communication called on all officials and representatives of unions and national associations active in the sector to organize themselves in accordance with the directives of the President of the Republic and to show union solidarity among themselves to consider the outstanding problems, especially those related to the social situation of journalists, and to develop an accurate diagnosis of their professional conditions, provided that it is accompanied by a set of solutions. And suggestions.

In the same context, the Minister renewed his keenness to provide all support and accompaniment, and that the Ministry will not hesitate to take care of the concerns raised within the limits permitted by the law.

The sector unions also appreciated this meeting and at the same time welcomed the Minister’s opening of all channels of dialogue for everyone.

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