Laqab calls on journalists to work to strengthen media sovereignty


Minister of Communication Mohamed Laqab calls on national media institutions to work “seriously” and produce programs to strengthen media sovereignty

On Saturday, in Algiers, the Minister of Communications, Mohamed Laqab, called on national media institutions to work “seriously” and produce programs to strengthen media sovereignty.

In his speech, during a pause of gratitude and mercy on the occasion of the commemoration of the 61st anniversary of the extension of sovereignty over radio and television, he called for the punishment of “all Algerian media institutions to work seriously and diligently to achieve media sovereignty,” explaining that “in these years we must produce more news and programs and more Achieving media independence, following what our fathers did.”

He added, “Today we stand here to recall a very significant and important historical memory, and we are all proud of what our fathers did to regain sovereignty over the radio and television building,” stressing that that historical event was not “merely lowering the flag of the occupation and replacing it with the banner of independence, but rather it had political and strategic dimensions.” It is great, as independence and sovereignty are an integrated whole that does not accept division or compromise.”

In the same context, the minister continued, “Political independence would not have been complete without media independence, most importantly the restoration of sovereignty over radio and television.”

In the same regard, he cited what “is taking place today in terms of directed media wars, misinformation, media blackouts, and the dissemination of images, lies, and fabrication of facts, especially what is happening in wounded Gaza,” noting that this “makes us realize the significance of that historical event when our founding fathers of Algerian media sovereignty stood here.” .

By the way, Laqab has mercy on “the souls of the martyrs of the great liberation revolution and on the souls of all Algerian journalists who died, whether during the revolution or the various years of independence.”

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