Lamamra from Rome: Algeria is looking for balanced relations and spaces for cooperation – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia


The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad, Ramtane Lamamra, participated today, Friday, in the opening of the eighth edition of the Mediterranean High-level Dialogue Forum in the Italian capital, Rome.

Lamamra said, during the inauguration, that Algeria plays a pivotal role in the region by working to establish international peace and security and combat terrorism in the Sahel region.

Lamamra touched on the bilateral relations between Algeria and Italy, which have witnessed great dynamism recently, and said in this regard, “We have a common destiny, and we have human and economic relations.”

In the same regard, Lamamra pointed out that the good-neighborly relations with Italy are old, considering this type of relationship as a “model” for future relations that link countries “in light of the new challenges” that suggest the occurrence of international transformations.

Lamamra said that Algeria is “looking for balanced relations” and spaces for cooperation so that there will be international relations “better than the conflicts that we inherited from World War II,” stressing that “Algeria contributes to a qualitative improvement in international relations, such as the model of relations it has with Italy.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs mentioned the convening of the 31st session of the Arab Summit in Algeria, where he praised the “spirit that prevailed in the summit,” referring to its outputs that support international peace and security, especially with regard to the two-state solution and the Arab peace initiative to resolve the Palestinian issue.

He also added to Lamamra, saying, “This is the peace that we are also working on with the Palestinian side,” recalling “the efforts of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, which culminated in bringing together all the Palestinian factions and came out with the Algerian Declaration to restore the democratic path and unify the Palestinian ranks.”

Lamamra indicated during his intervention that he shares the same position as Mauritania and Niger, “within the framework of good neighborliness and solidarity that unites us.” Referring to what was discussed by the President of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, who spoke about the problem of demographic growth, terrorism threatening the region, and illegal immigration.

In this regard, he assured Lamamra that “Algeria plays a pivotal role in these issues and is working in the region so that there are African solutions for Africa and Arab solutions for Arab problems.”

Lamamra concluded his intervention by emphasizing the necessity of applying one of the main principles of the United Nations, which states that “the acquisition of territory resulting from the threat or use of force, nor any occupation of land resulting from the threat or use of force in violation of international law, is not recognised. It is a legitimate gain or occupation.” Considering the inability to apply this principle “discredits the credibility” of the organization.

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