Krikou from Ghardaïa: The Need to Support and Accompany Women Staying at Home Producer – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia


Minister of National Solidarity, Family and Women’s Issues, Kaoutar Kreiko, highlighted today, Tuesday, in Ghardaïa, the importance of accompanying women staying at home to ensure their financial independence.
During her working visit to the state, the minister called for “the need to support and accompany productive women staying at home to ensure that they have financial autonomy to meet their family needs.”

On the occasion, Kreiko highlighted the importance of women in playing their primary role in society and contributing to socio-economic development, stressing in this regard that the public authorities are working to accompany initiatives aimed at creating wealth and jobs for the benefit of women staying at home. When she visited a sewing workshop for widowed women and orphan girls within the framework of a jointly funded project between a charitable association to accompany orphans and the Social Development Agency, the minister praised this initiative, which aims to ensure a financial source for them through the production and sale of ready-made clothes with the aim of ensuring self-financial independence and providing income worthy of the status of women. .

She also appreciated, upon viewing an exhibition of the products of various women’s associations and other charities organized in the Bouhraoua neighborhood (north of Ghardaïa), solidarity donations and the role of civil society to provide for vulnerable and needy groups.

About fifty exhibitors representing associations, mini-establishments and craftswomen participated in the same exhibition, who showed through their products aspects of local traditional crafts such as cooking, pottery making, wood products, carpet making and textile products.

Ms. Kreiko also highlighted the role of associations in accompanying productive women through training courses, in coordination with the Directorates of Social Activity and Solidarity, with the aim of helping women staying at home to develop their craft products and also accompanying them to create mini-enterprises.

This visit was also an opportunity for the Minister of National Solidarity, Family and Women’s Issues to give a signal to launch a sensitivity convoy on combating waste in all its forms, especially what is related to the waste of foodstuffs during the holy month of Ramadan.

The minister, who was accompanied by the governor of the state, Abdullah Abi Nawar, concluded by examining the products of people with special needs in the municipality of Daya bin Dahwa (north of the state), where she reaffirmed that the public authorities are making significant efforts to take care of the needs of women staying at home and the category of people with special needs.

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