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The quantity of apples produced in Khenchela during the current agricultural season reached a total of 1 million and 815 thousand quintals, according to what was learned today, Wednesday, from the local director of agricultural services.
Al-Saeed Tammen explained that the production of more than 1.8 million quintals of apples made the state of Khenchela maintain first place nationally for the fifth year in a row with regard to the production of this type of fruit.
The same official added that the exposure of some areas at the end of August and the beginning of last September to hailstones that caused the product to be destroyed before it was harvested, preventing production from reaching 2 million quintals, which is the goal that field studies had expected to be achieved.
The same spokesman added that the area planted with apple trees across the state of Khenchela during the 2022-2023 agricultural season was estimated at about 6 thousand hectares, of which dozens of hectares are new plantings within the framework of intensive agriculture, expected to enter production starting from the 2023-2024 agricultural season.
The area producing apple fruit in the state of Khenchela was distributed among 5 municipalities located in the mountainous region: Bouhamama, Lamsara, Yabous, Tamza, Chiliya, as well as Rmeila (west of Khenchela) and Khairan, south of the state.
The same source indicated that the Directorate of Agricultural Services in Khenchela counted the presence of about 64 cold rooms across the state, which during this period of the year store the product with a total capacity estimated at 248 thousand cubic meters in regular storage and more than 31 thousand cubic meters under refrigeration in order to provide apple fruit to the consumer throughout the period. Days of the year.

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