Journalists are required to carry the torch of the editorial revolution


On Saturday, Minister of Communication Mohamed Laqab stressed the need for journalists to carry the flame of the liberal revolution that should not be extinguished, stressing that the media remains its protector with a difference in roles that differ today, calling for preserving the gains achieved in the media field and playing a pioneering role in conveying information with all credibility. .

The Minister, while supervising, along with the Director General of the National Radio, Mohamed Baghali, the opening of an intellectual symposium entitled “Radio Voice of Free Algeria, a Model of Committed Revolutionary Media and a Role Model for Resistance Media,” explained that the media is obligated to play a pioneering role in preserving the flame of the glorious revolution by accompanying development. Local and highlighting the efforts made by the Algerian state.

Laqab added, “Algerian radio has always been a fighter, in secret and in public, inside and outside the country, and it had a major role in accompanying the armed struggle and conveying the voice of the victorious Algerian revolution, despite the simplicity of the means used at that time, and today is similar to yesterday. It must keep pace with current technological developments and train journalists and media professionals to provide a purposeful media message.” “.

When referring to the new laws governing media and communication, the Minister stated that, “starting next January, we will begin adapting the media, journalists, and correspondents to the new legal developments,” noting that “December is a media month par excellence, given the media gains achieved in it, such as the establishment of Al-Shaab newspaper and the Al-Shaab News Agency.” Algerian news, the launch of the Algerian satellite, Radio Free Algeria, and the issuance of the law on the written, electronic, audio-visual press.”

For his part, the Director General of the radio, Muhammad Baghali, touched on the circumstances of the establishment of the secret radio, which came to strengthen the work of the mujahideen by mobilizing the people’s resolve to rally around their revolution and their just cause, noting that “the secret radio, despite the lack of capabilities and experience, was able to achieve the desired goal, break media isolation, and raise the voice of The Glorious Revolution.”

The Director General of Algerian Radio also stressed that any resistance project cannot be separated from the media, saying, “Yesterday is like today when our brave mujahideen demonstrated their genius in investing the power of jihad to expel the brutal occupation from our country and complementing it with the power of the media, so they decided to launch the Fighting Radio Free Algeria,” adding “The media resistance came to join the political, diplomatic and armed resistance.”

Baghali added in this context that the unjust forces always lose their wars in the fields of media and morality, and this is what we are actually experiencing today with the Zionist enemy, which lost the affirmation and doctrine of the battle of morality and the media. He tried to move the heavily armed media machine to convince international public opinion that the executioner is the victim, pointing out that the media Al-Sharif in Algeria and all over the world proved the opposite and revealed that the victims were children, women and people of Gaza. He exposed the Zionist entity and lost its battle, and Gaza and Palestine were victorious.

For reference, the Minister of Communication, accompanied by the Director General of Algerian Radio, supervised the inauguration of the new headquarters of the local radio in Sidi Bel Abbes, where he received explanations about this new edifice, which covers 2,000 square metres. He expressed his admiration for it in terms of location, engineering and equipment, calling for its optimal use.

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