Joint statement by Al-Ibrahimi and Rachid Ben Yelles – Al-Hiwar Algeria


Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Taleb Al-Ibrahimi, and retired Major General Rashid Ben Yalls, denounced the crimes of genocide against the residents of Gaza by the Zionist occupier, in the face of the silence of international bodies.

Today, in their statement to the National News Agency, Al-Ibrahimi and Ben Yalls wrote: “We, the supporters of anti-colonialism and national liberation fighters, salute the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people and their brave mujahideen who, on October 7, 2023, launched a rare heroic operation, one of the greatest fruits of which was ending the illusion of the invincible strength of the Zionist army.” This is what astonished the Zionist entity, which had no choice but to attempt to erase the effects of this humiliating insult, except to take revenge on the defenseless people of Gaza, by exposing them to a flood of fire.

The statement stated, “This Zionist criminal madness, in addition to turning the city into destruction and its barbaric killing of the defenseless Palestinian people, especially tens of thousands of children with bombs, and under the rubble and destruction, did not even exclude hospitals, schools, mosques, and churches.”

Al-Ibrahimi and Ben Yalls stressed that the brutality of the Zionist entity in committing all these heinous crimes against the Palestinian people and its blind determination to kill the largest possible number of our people in Gaza and displace those who remain of them out of their land, is in a way similar to what the Jews were subjected to by the Nazis in The Second World War was due to his receiving guarantees from the powers protecting him, led by the United States of America, of impunity.”

In the face of this genocide taking place under the eyes of the world, the two personalities denounced “the complicity of the United States of America and its Western allies,” and at the same time expressed gratitude to the honorable and brave citizens of these countries who had the courage and courage to express their sympathy and solidarity with the Palestinian people who are being exposed. This is the result of Zionist oppression for more than 70 years.”

At the conclusion of their joint statement, Al-Ibrahimi and Ben Yalls recorded their bitter regret over “the silence of international bodies and the negligent positions of some Arab regimes that have turned their backs on the Palestinian issue by engaging in the path of normalization with a transcendent entity, which in reality carries nothing but deep contempt for it.” They also expressed their common conviction that The Palestinians “will achieve victory and raise the voice of their cause, despite the suffering that has lasted for more than 70 years, and despite their abandonment by some of those who always say that they are their brothers.”

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